A Wonderful iPad File Manager for Mac

iPad doesnt support users to access iPad file system, so iPad users cant manage their iPad files and folders as easily as Android users can. In fact, all of Apple products have the same restriction. If you are using Apple products, you probably need an iPad file manager for Mac. After you have an iPad file manager, you can browse, transfer and back up almost all of the files and folders like photos, videos, music and so on.


To be honest, sometimes iPad is annoying because it restricts iPad users operation to some degree. For example, iPad users can access their music and photos, but they cant access and save some games. Besides, iPad users always need complicated operations to manage several files at the same time. Therefore, more and more iPad users wish to find some methods to manage iPad data on Mac. However, Apple doesnt allow its users to manage iPad without iTunes. iPad users cant simply connect their iPad to Mac and manage data as straightforward as Android users. In that case, iPad users should have a file manager so that they can avoid some troubles in iPad files management.


A useful iPad file manager can be a great helper for iPad users. It will help iPad users to access iPad file system directly and then organize iPad data after they connect iPad to Mac. So iPad users can easily transfer, edit and share iPad data such as music, videos, photos, playlists, contacts and notes.


Here we will recommend iPad Manager for iPad users.


iPad Manager is a wonderful iPad file manager for Mac. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Moreover, iPad Manager has powerful features. Below are some features of iPad Manager.



Manage Multimedia Files


iPad manager can help iPad users to manage iPad music, apps, photos, videos and playlists. And iPad users can easily preview multimedia files on Mac.


Access to iOS File System


iPad manager allows users to browse and search files fast. It can explore iPad files and turn iPad into flash drive.


No iTunes Needed


As an iOS file manager app, iPad manager satisfies iPad users needs of browsing, transferring, and deleting iPad files on Mac. It can serve to manage iPad files on Mac.


Here is a tutorial on how to create a new playlist on iPad with iPad manager.


Firstly, you should connect your iPad to Mac and start iPad Manager.


Secondly, you should select Music category and the app will show your audio files.

Then the iPad playlists will be shown as below.


Thirdly, you need to click "New playlist" on the left side.


Finally, you are supposed to type a name for the playlist.


ipad manager for mac 


In this way, you can create a new playlist on iPad directly. Furthermore, you can export, delete, add and deduplicate your music by using iPad Manager as well.


All in all, iPad Manager is a wonderful and powerful iPad file manager for Mac. If you are an iPad user, you can use it to organize your iPad and ignore some iPad restrictions.