Why Won't My iPhone Turn On - How to Fix it?

My iPhone 5S won’t turn on after I upgrade to iOS 10.1. Why is that? Can anybody help? I need my iPhone to work because I am waiting for an important call from someone. This is urgent. Your help would be appreciated! Thx in advance.


You know Apple has always been working to make great products while keeping improving the exsiting ones. And iOS, the solo operating system developed by Apple, has never been overlooked. That’s why you can witness iOS versions upgrade from version 1.0 to version 10.3. Yeah, you, of course couldn’t help experiencing the new features of iOS 10.3, so you grab the iPhone and perform the upgrade. Yet, things do not go so smoothly as you wish and you might suffer from a failed iOS upgrade which many users have also come across. And what’s worse, your iPhone does not turn on. You must wonder: why won’t my iPhone turn on? That’s a question facing a lot of users.


But don’t be panic yet, your iPhone is not "dead" and it can be at work again. Before you can save your iPhone, you should make it clear why your iPhone will not turn on. Well, the reasons can be various and below are some common ones. To walk you through this problem, I will also provide solutions to the causes.


Why won't my iPhone turn on?

Potential Cause #1 - Battery Power

This is a reason that a lot of users may overlook. Just think about the time the iOS upgrade process takes and you won’t be surprised that the battery power will be drained up. So make sure the battery is fully charged before you start the upgrade. If you find that your iPhone will not turn on, check the device battery first and charge your phone to see if it will turn on again.



Potential Cause #2 - iOS Crash

If you are sure that battery power is not the cause resulting in your iPhone not turning on, then you might need to check if the iOS has been crashed. You can figure it out by performing a hard reset on the iPhone. In general, a hard reset can fix quite a lot of issues such as frozen screen and device initiation failure. So it is worth a try if iPhone will not turn on


Believe or not, a hard reset may be the easiest and most direct way to fix issues that occur on iPhone or other iOS devices. You can use soft reset or hard reset.


Solution 1: Soft Reset

Simply press the “Home” button and the “Power” button at the same time and hold down till you see the Apple logo – this may take about 10-15 seconds.


Solution 2: Hard Reset

If the soft reset does not solve your problem, you can perform a hard reset. And you can follow below steps:


Step 1 On your iPhone screen, tap Settings > General. Scroll down until you see Reset.


Step 2 Tap Erase All Content and Settings. If you have set a Passcode or a Restrictions Passcode, you will need to enter the password to start the reset.


Step 3 Input your Apple ID password. This is so the account can be removed from your device, and Find My iPhone can be switched off.


Step 4 Wait until the reset process is completed, this will taka minute or two. After that, you will see the welcome screen on you iPhone.



Potential Cause #3 - Firmware has been corrupted

A lot of users do not even know what Firmware is and will be confused at this. When they fail to turn on the iPhone, they just don't know what to do but wonder why won't my iPhone turn on. Actually the firmware of your mobile device is an important part of your operating system, and it is responsible for control, monitoring and data manipulation. Once the firmware is corrupted, you need to make patch for it. An incomplete iOS upgrade could result in a corrupt firmware; therefore, you should double check after the upgrade. Still, you can make it right using below solutions.


Solution 1: Restore iDevice with iTunes

Compared with iCloud, iTunes is easier and more direct if you need to restore your iDevice. Restoring with iTunes can rid off the corrupt firmware, reinstall a new operating system with all your settings and data of previous backup files. To get this work, you should make sure your iDevice is functioning properly without hardware issues.


Step 1 Connect your iDevice to PC where iTunes is running.

Step 2 Click on the tab on the top left of your iTunes screen.

Step 3 Make a backup by clicking on “Backup”. Make sure your device stay connected with PC during the backup process.

Step 4 Once done, click “Restore” to restore data from the backup you created just now or select an earlier backup. When the restoring process is done, the issue should be fixed.



Solution 2: Force iDevice to Recovery Mode

If you are going to use this solution, please make sure you have created a backup because all data and settings on the device will be completely erased.

Step 1 Connect your iDevice to your computer via USB cable.

Step 2 Press down the “Home” button of your device.

Step 3 Launch iTunes and your iPhone should get into recovery mode. 

Step 4 Follow the on-screen prompts to restore your device.



Now you have learned the reasons "why won't my iPhone turn on" and also get solutions to this.