Why Is My iPhone Screen Black?

Why is my iPhone screen black? Yesterday I had my iPhone 6 jailbroken to download an application. All of the sudden, my iPhone 6 screen turned to be totally black and I can't turn it on any more. There were no vibration and noises on my iPhone 6. After I rebooted it, I can see the Apple logo on my iPhone 6 and it just stuck in this screen. What is worse? I hadn't back up my iPhone data before! Neither iTunes nor iCloud!


I asked for help from my cousin whether or not he can fix my iPhone 6. And he did a brilliant job to repair my phone. "Why is my iPhone screen black? How can I fix such issues if I encounter again?" I asked him after he successfully mended my mobile phone. Here is what he said to solve my problem.




There are various reasons for iPhone black screen, white screen of death or stuck on recovery mode, such as iOS update failure and mistakenly operating when you jailbreak iPhone. The Apple logo is a hint for iPhone user to notice that iPhone screen is going to become completely black.


When your iPhone 6 screen black out, you can try these two methods to get your mobile device out of black screen of death: recovering iPhone 6 to factory settings, fixing iPhone 6 black Screen without Data Loss via iOS Data Recovery.


Method 1. Retrieve iPhone 6 by Reseting


All of your iPhone 6 data will be erased after you do factory setting.


Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer

Your iTunes should be the latest version installed on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone 6 with your computer by using USB cable

Step 3. Go to "Summary" homepage and then select “Restore iPhone” option

Step 4. Click on the "Restore" button

iTunes will automatically recover your iPhone 6 as well as wipe all data on your device.



Method 2. Get rid of iPhone Black Screen with iOS Data Recovery

This method will fix the black screen of death without losing your data. You can retain your iPhone 6 data after repairing.


Step1. Download and install iOS Data Recovery

Step 2. Plug your iphone 6 into computer by using USB cable

Step 3. Click on the "System Recovery" button

why is my iPhone screen black 

Step 4. Click on the "Start" button

why is my iPhone screen black


Step 5. Do the operations as the instructions on the following window to put your phone into DFU mode.

why is my iPhone screen black 


Step 6. Enter the basic info of your iPhone 6

why is my iPhone screen black

Step 7. Click on the “Download” button

It will take a few minutes to download a respective firmware update. After that, the program will fix your iPhone 6 by auto mode.

why is my iPhone screen black

That is all my cousin told me. Those methods are very good. When the "Why is my iPhone screen black?" question appears in your mind, you can try to fix your iPhone as above.