Why Does Safari Run So Slow on Mac

Safari is the default browser of Mac. It is used daily by a great number of people around the world. Apple claims that Safari is the fastest browser. However, you may find out that the operating speed of Safari becomes slower and slower as time goes by. Why does Safari run more and more slowly? Can you take some actions to speed up your Safari browser? Well, you can find answers in the following content in this post. And we will show you an easy-to-use cleaning tool to remove unwanted junk files and caches from your Mac easily.


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How to fix Safari running slow problem on Mac


1. Clean up Safari Cache, History and Website Data


Safari stores information about every website you visit. Although elements of those websites like images and html files are saved to cache so that pages load faster next time, those files put an additional burden on the Safari browser. Below are two methods to remove website data like cache.


Method 1. Use MacClean


Is your Safari slow due to too much caches and histories? If so, MacClean can help you find out and delete unwanted Safari cache and history on Mac in a smart way.


Step 1. Download MacClean and open it

Step 2. Choose Internet Junk and then click on Scan button

Step 3. Click on Review Details to choose the items you want to delete

Step 4. Go back to the previous page

Step 5. Click on Clean button


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Method 2. Use Mac's Built-in Feature


Here is another ways to let safari run fast. You the following instruction to deleted unwanted website data.


Clear History and Website Data: Open up Safari > Click on Safari in the menu > Click on Clear History and Website Data…


Clear Cache: Go to Safari > Preference… > Advanced > Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar” > Click on Develop menu > Click on Empty Caches.


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2. Turn off Extensions


Extensions let you do a ton of convenient extras in a browser, like store passwords or translate words with a click. Some incompatible extensions can make your Safari running slow. You can go to "Safari > Preferences… > Extensions" turn them off to see if it solves the problem.


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3. Log into Another Account


No matter why Safari run slow, you can always try this method to settle down the speed problem. You need to take 1 minute to create a new user account. Log into the new account and open Safari to see if it runs faster. And you can fix this problem with Disk Utility as below.


Open Disk Utility through Spotlight > Choose your hard drive > First Aid > Verify Disk.


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4. Reset Your Safari Browser


This method will let you lose history, top sites, saved names and passwords etc. You can choose the items you want to reset. It is better to reset all the settings at a time.


Open Safari > Click on Safari in the menu > Click on Reset Safari… > Select the items you want to reset > Click on Reset button.


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5. Update OS X on Mac


Does your Safari run slow for no found reason? Just go to App Store to download and install the latest version. You had better use the latest Safari when you update macOS to the latest OS X version.