Why Should You Backup WhatsApp Messages Regularly?

Last week, my brother suggested me to backup WhatsApp messages regularly after he helped me to retrieve my lost WhatsApp messages which were not saved in backup files. He said a backup file was really helpful for recovering data and reminded me that I shouldn't ignore backup tasks of my WhatsApp.


To be honest, I have not paid attention to backing up WhatsApp. But now I want to know why should we backup WhatsApp messages routinely. Therefore, I navigate to the Internet and do find something interesting about backup. I would like to share my discovery with you on the following paragraphs.


What is WhatsApp Backup?

Whatspp backup is one of the most significant parts of WhatsApp data saving. However, it is also one of the most ignored contents. WhatsApp data supports users to live smoothly and it is the necessary start to any business continuity plan. "Backing up WhatsApp" means creating a copy of your WhatsApp contents like messages, photos and videos. The copy can be used to recover WhatsApp data if the original data on your WhatsApp app are lost.


Why should we back up WhatsApp?

You are at risk of losing WhatsApp data due to iPhone update failure, accidental error, being stolen or water damage! Moreover, if you backup iPhone WhatsApp on single place, like memory of your iPhone, you may lose WhatsApp data when those data are accidentally changed or deleted. If so, you probably need to take considerable time and cost to restore the lost or deleted WhatsApp data.


What type of data should be backed up?

Normally, you will be required to backup WhatsApp messages, videos, chat history, photos and other attachments at a time. For example, WhatsApp allows users to manually backup WhatsApp contents by clicking on "Back Up Now" on its setting panel. But sometime you just need to copy the critical files on WhatsApp. You should carefully consider what type of data is in need of saving. Furthermore, the method to backup WhatsApp contents is changeable according to your demand of WhatsApp data backup.


How to backup WhatsApp to PC with iPhone Data Transfer?

There is a backup tool for iPhone users to selectively back up WhatsApp data onto PC, which satisfies the demand of copying specific WhatsApp files. The app is iPhone Data Transfer. Here are its operations to selectively back up WhatsApp messages.



Step 1. Download and install iPhone Data Transfer onto PC


Step 2. Open iPhone Data Transferand connect iPhone to PC


Step 3. Click on "WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore" and then choose "Backup WhatsApp messages"

backup WhatsApp messages 

Step 4. Click on "Backup" button

backup WhatsApp messages


Note: You can check your backup contents after you completely backup WhatsApp messages.


On a whole, backing up WhatsApp messages is essential for WhatsApp users and it is an secure measure to protect your data. Thus, you are supposed to backup WhatsApp data regularly from now on!