Almighty WhatsApp recovery iPhone - iOS Data Recovery

For some iPhone users, the idea of WhatsApp recovery iPhone is an all-powerful software that helps users to get all deleted and lost data back on iPhone device as simply as possible. If that's right up your alley, then iOS Data Recovery is the application for you. If you purchase an iOS Data Recovery now, you will be able to grasp three methods to retrieve your corrupted or deleted WhatsApp file, which complements each other!


What does it mean? Well, it means iOS Data Recovery offers up three modes for you to handle all your WhatsApp data missing issues. For instance, iOS Data Recoveryallows you to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages directly from iPhone device itself, and you can extract some WhatsApp data from iTunes and iCloud backup files which have been saved a long time ago as well as have been overwritten on iPhone. In other words, these three modes on iOS Data Recovery cover all the demands of data restoring!


Prior to talking about using iOS Date Recovery to recover WhatsApp data, I would like to present its functions first. And then I will display the detailed operational steps with iOS Data Recovery.


Main Functions of iOS Data Recovery


1. Back up iPhone files to PC

2. Recover files from iPhone directly

3. Recover files from backup

4. Import or export data from/to iPhone


As an almighty WhatsApp recovery iPhone, iOS Data Recovery is aiming at ongoing improvement in the above function. And it has achieved wonderful grades on WhatsApp data recovering. Now I will respectively display its three modes to recover WhatsApp messages as reference. You are supposed to open iOS Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer in advance.  



Mode 1. Recover from iOS Device

Step 1. Select "WhatsApp & attachment" option and click "Start Scan"

Step 2. Check the WhatsApp data to choose the ones that you want to recover

Step 3. Click "Recvoer to Computer"

WhatsApp recovery iPhone via iOS Data Recovery 

Mode 2. Recover from iTunes Backup File

Step 1. Choose the backup file from which you want to extract WhatsApp messages

Step 2. Preview your WhatsApp files on the selected backup and tick them

Step 3. Click on "Recover" button

WhatsApp recovery iPhone via iTunes 

Mode 3. Recover from iCloud Backup File

Step 1. Sign into your iCloud

Step 2. Select an iCloud backup and download it

Step 3. Hit the "Recover to Computer" button

WhatsApp recovery iPhone via iCloud 


With these three modes, you can reclaim recently deleted WhatsApp data that haven't been backed up yet. Also, you can retrieve your old data from backup selectively. Once you buy this WhatsApp recovery iPhone, you will be able to access almost every previous WhatsApp content!