What is the Best iPhone File Manager for Mac?

Your iPhone stores almost all your data, with hundreds of data and files on it. Managing such huge a number of files on the iPhone sometimes can be tricky. Besides, it wouldn’t be a nice experience to do the task within the small screen of no more than 6 inches, probably smaller. Compared with on iPhone, most users would love to manage iPhone files on larger screen like iPad or Mac computer. But it seems that there is not a way for you to manage iPhone file on tablet, at least, not for now. However, you can manage iPhone/iPad/iPod files on Mac computer, with the help of an iPhone file manager for Mac.


Out there in the market there are quite a lot of apps specifically developed to help you manage your iOS files as you wish. Some are good and user friendly; however, not all of these iOS file manager apps offer satisfying solution of managing files for you. If you are a Windows user, you would be lucky to a file management system that doesn’t involves too many complicated things. But if you’re just like me who are of the closed iOS system, I’m afraid that you would have hated iTunes because it seems to be the only way to manage iPhone files. And iTunes has its obvious shortcomings - won’t let you move music and video files that are not purchased from Apple store, which is quite disappointing.


Things have changed and iTunes is no longer the only solution for managing files of iOS devices. Now with an iOS file manager Mac app, you can manage, edit and transfer files on your iPhone without restrain. iPhone Manager is one of the best iPhone file manager for Mac out there to smooth your work when you need to manage data files on your iPhone. So what makes iPhone Manager the best iPhone file manager for Mac?



Best iPhone File Manager for Mac Does What iTunes Offers

The Apple product iTunes offers a variety of features that help iOS users to manage files easily. In the meanwhile, iPhone Manager can also enable users to do below:

# Transfer purchased music, movies, TV shows, photos and other media files from computer to iPhone.

Sync contacts, messages, iMessages, WhatsApp to iPhone.

Backup most of the data to iTunes library for later restoring.

 iPhone file manager for Mac - iOS Manager

Best iPhone File Manager for Mac Does What iTunes Can't

iPhone Manager can do what iTunes can, and this iPhone file manager for Mac can do what iTunes can’t.

Export unpurchased music and video files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes library.

Transfer photo/movies/podcast/voice memo/audiobooks back to Mac.

Seamlessly manage and edit media library without iTunes.

Edit the name, artist, album, genre and artwork of multimedia files.

No need to sync iTunes after changes .

Export the messages and save as Excel, text and html.

Export contacts to csv or vcf format for further use.

It can automatically delete repeated contacts on your iPhone or iTunes.

Edit and merge contacts.


Best iPhone File Manager for Mac Makes Managing Task Easier

iPhone Manager is developed with simple and intuitive interface, which avoids complicated operation for tech novice. You can manage, edit and transfer iPhone data on Mac easily.


1. Download and install the iPhone file manager for Mac on your computer.

2. Start iPhone Manager and go to the user interface

3. Connect your iPhone with the computer.

4. Manage the iPhone files on Mac once iPhone Manager detects your iPhone.