How to View Deleted Texts on iPhone?

When you delete text messages from your iPhone, you can no longer read them on your smartphone. You may wonder if there is a way on how to view deleted texts on iPhone. Well, you do have a chance to access your deleted messages as long as you retrieve them onto your digital device. Additionally, if you use a recovery tool like iOS Data Recovery, you can directly get them back from your iPhone instead of from iTunes or iCloud backups.


Do you know why you can extract deleted texts from the mobile phone? The reason is that recently deleted data from iPhone are not straightforwardly destroyed since there are fragmented files of these erased data placed into somewhere on your iPhone's database. Before those data literally disappear due to being covered with new contents, you should apply iOS Data Recovery to extract them back to your iPhone as below.



Three Ways to Recover Delete Text Messages from iPhone 6s on Mac or Windows PC


iOS Data Recovery is an almighty and professional data recovery. It empowers iOS users to salvage deleted or lost photos, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, safari bookmark, call history, personal files and documents, etc. Besides, iOS Data Recovery offers the following recovery ways for you to check deleted messages on iPhone 6s.



Way 1. How to View Deleted Texts on iPhone after extracting them from iPhone 6s


Step 1.Run iOS Data Recovery and connect iPhone 6s to a computer


Step 2. Select "Messages & Attachments" and click on the "Start Scan" button


Step 3. Restore Text Messages from iPhone 6s


After you accomplish scanning iPhone 6s, you will see all the deleted messages in the program. Then you are supposed to preview detailed info of these listed data before you click on the "Recover to Computer" button. After that, you can view the recovered text on your PC/Mac.

extract deleted text from iPhone



Way 2. How to View Deleted Texts on iPhone after Extracting from an iTunes Backup


Step 1. Choose an iTunes Backup File

After running iOS Data Recovery, you need to opt for the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" on the left of the main screen. You can select the most relevant iTunes backup file and then hit on the "Start Scan" option.


Step2. Restore deleted text content from iTunes backup

iOS Data Recovery will scan and upload all the data in the selected iTunes backup, you should check the text messages items which you desire to get back. Click on "Recover" to extract them onto your iPhone 6s after that.

restore deleted text from iTunes backup


Way 3. How to View Deleted Texts on iPhone after Extracting from an iCloud Backup


Step 1. Scan iCloud Backup Files

In order to get start, please launch iOS Data Recovery and switch to "Recover from iCloud Backup File". Then, you will be in the "Sign In iCloud account" interface. Enter your Apple ID and password. You can choose an iCloud backup file when you log in.


Step 2. Select the message files that you want to restore

You need to choose the message file category in the pop-up window to download all the message data in the iCloud backup.


Step 3. Recover text files from iCloud backup

Prior to clicking on the "Recover" button, you can preview your backup message files in iOS Data Recovery program. After you restore them onto your iPhone 6s, you can directly read them like the existing texts on your phone.

restore deleted text from iCloud backup