How to Upload Music to iPhone

iPhone is considered as a better music player which some people would like to carry around rather than a separate MP3 player or PMP. If you are fond to use iPhone to listen to music, you probably notice that iTunes plays a vital part in your music entertainment activity.


Although iTunes is capable of helping you to upload music to your iPhone device, it has some apparent flaws for iPhone users to transfer various songs onto iPhone, especially for people who use Windows computer instead of Mac.


Since Microsoft's Windows still dominates 84.51% personal computers, it is essential to have a full-fledged solution to solve the problems that are brought about when people upload music from window PC to an iOS device like iPhone, iPod or iPad. If you are a PC user purchases an Apple device and plays and organizes songs with Windows Media Player, you will find out that your iOS device cannot read these adorable songs sometimes. It is particularly bothersome!


What's more? Some Windows users who like to use other media players to manage their music library loathe the idea of migrating the entire library to iTunes just because they bought an iPhone.


If you are trapped in the above circumstance, you can use iPhone Data Transfer as an alternative to iTunes. The iPhone Data Transfer is wildly regarded as one of the most suitable choices. It will help you to thousands of songs between iPhone and computer quickly and simply. Here are its instructions for you.


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How to Upload Music to iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer


With intuitive and friendly user interface, iPhone Data Transfer can be used as a comprehensive iPhone music manager. It supports you to transfer and manage music, playlists and more on iPhone with ease. You can apply it to to migrate music to a new iPhone without wipint out existing data. Furthermore, you are allowed to move music from iPhone to computer or iTunes with simple clicks. Below is the detailed steps for iPhone users to upload music from PC to iPhone.



Step 1. Download, install and Run iPhone Data Transfer to your computer

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the PC

Step 3. Click the white circle button at the right side

Step 4. Select "Audio" option and then click on the "Music" icon

Step 5. Click "+" and browse your computer

Step 6. Select the song that you want to add to iPhone

Step 7. Click Open to start transferring


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 How to Upload Music to iTunes from Audio CD Collection


If you want to use iTunes to add music from your audio CD collection to your iTunes library, please do the following steps.


Step 1. Open iTunes and insert an audio CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive.

Step 2. Connect your computer to the Internet and then iTunes will automatically look up information for the CD such as song name, album and artist.

Step 3. Upload the CD after a dialog appears to ask if you would like to import.