How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

How to uninstall programs on Mac? What benefic does Mac users have after deleting some programs on Mac?

how to uninstall programs on Mac 

When you update your Mac's operating system to macOS Sierra, you may figure out that your Mac computer runs slower than ever. There is a wide variety of reasons for this circumstance. And one of the most common reasons is that you install too many applications onto your computer. In that case, you are supposed to remove useless programs from your Mac to free up the space on your Mac. Here are three regular methods for you to remove unwanted program on your Mac.


Method 1. How to Uninstall A Program on Mac via Launchpad

If you expect to delete programs which come from Mac App Store, you can do it with a couple of simple clicks. Below is the detail steps.


Step 1. Go to Launchpad.

Step 2. Press an icon of app that you want to uninstall up till you see the icon begin to vibrate.

Step 3. Hit on the delete button and then your selected app will be uninstalled from your Mac computer.


Method 2. How to Uninstall Programs on Mac with Finder

If you want to remove apps that are got from other place insteads of Mac App Store, you are likely to try to uninstall them by using Finder as below.


Step 1. Open Finder in your Mac's Dock and then click on the Applications option.


Step 2. Detect the app which you wish to delete and


Step 3. Uninstall programs on Mac by dragging to the Trash.


Assuming that you want to get back the uninstalled programs, you just need to recover them from the Trash after right clicking the app icon. Also, you can empty the Trash to completely wipe unwanted apps from your Mac.

how to uninstall programs on Mac 


The above methods may leave some remnant files like the app preference and caches on your Mac. Such kinds of files still slow down your Mac's running speed. In that occasion, you can utilize MacClean to help you. This software enables you not only uninstall idle applications but also leftover files which belong to the deleted apps.


If you are interested in the usage of this software, you can read the third method in the following contents.


Method 3. How to Uninstall Programs on Mac by using MacClean


MacClean supports macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 as well as earlier versions of Mac OS. With the help of MacClean, you can completely erase malware, uninstall useless programs or leftover files on your Mac.


Step 1. Download and install MacClean onto your Mac


After installation, you need to open it and click on the "Cleanup Tools" option to choose "App Uninstaller".


Step 2. Uninstall the apps that you don't need


You can see all you program are displayed in MacClean. Check the programs that you desire to uninstalled and then click "Clean" button.

how to uninstall programs on Mac


One More Tutorial about MacCean

You can use MacClean to clear junk or remnant files on your Mac. Here are what you should do with this software.


Firstly, you should click on the "System Junk" option to scan your Mac.

Secondly, you need to opt for "App Leftover".

Thirdly, you can hit on "Clean" button to wipe those files out from your computer.