How to Undelete iMessage on iPad?

There are more amazing features added into iMessage when you update to iOS 11 which brings lots of application services for iOS device like iPad. The new version of iMessage in iPad and iPhone will offer up a novel way for its users to send and receive information as well as create a better user experience in sharing and communicating. However, some iPad users find out that all the messages get lost after iOS upgrade and want to undelete iMessages from iPad. In response to this case, we are about to talk about something about restoring iPad message data in the following content.


Firstly, we would like to discuss the importance of recovering messages on iPad.


As one of the popular Apple products, iPad is handy and light-weight tool for people to kill time. iMessage and other messaging services for iPad also receive a warm welcome from iPad users. People will be most likely to store vital iPad message files and will be eager to undelete iMessage files which say something critical. In fact, iMessage is so convenient that some iPad users prefer to share feeling and information through it. If you have used it before, you will realize that iMessage provides you with a super easy way to send text, photos, attachment and even video for free! All you need is Wi-Fi or cellular data connection on iPad! Since iMessage for iPad are used more and more frequently, the value of recovery method for message data is increasing. Therefore, you had better grasp some solutions to recover deleted messages from iPad, which will protect your important messages from iOS upgrade, iPad lost or stolen, jailbreak, system crash and other unexpected issues.


Luckily, here is an application called iOS Data Recovery that allows you to restore deleted messages with a few simple clicks. This software supports all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad 4 and so on.

Undelte iMessage from iPad 



How to Undelete iMessage on iPad Pro/Air/Mini?


Step 1. Plug your iPad into a PC or a Mac

You should open iOS Data Recovery and then make a connection between your iPhone and PC/Mac by using a USB cable.


Step 2. Scan Deleted Messages

After you check the "Message & Attachments" box in the following window, you can click on the "Start Scan" to detect your lost iMessages from iPad.


Step 3. Select and Undelte iMessage from iPad

You can see all the deleted iMessage files are listed in clear categories after scanning. And you can preview their detailed info in iOS Data Recover when the scan is complete. When you finish selecting the data which you wish to get back, you are supposed to hit on the "Recover" button to initiate the recovery task. You can choose either "Recover to Computer" or "Recover to Device" option. When you opt for the "Recover to Computer", you will be able to save and view those selected iMessages on your computer.



PS: You can utilize iOS Data Recovery to restore other iPad contents like photos, contacts, notes and videos.