Four Solutions to Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone

As a surprisingly handy communication app for smartphone, WhatsApp features on chat with other people in a convenient way. You can know there is information sent to you immediately because WhatsApp will give you a notice of new messages. Also, you can share things with your families, friends and co-worker by sending text messages, video, voice memo and photos.


People will transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone if they swap old iPhone for new model one, including transferring WhatsApp pictures, videos and messages. In response to this circumstance, we offer up four different solutions for iPhone users to exchange WhatsApp data between two iPhone devices, which are inclusive of using iOS Data Recovery, iTunes, iCloud and WhatsApp app.


Solution 1. How to Copy WhatsApp Messages from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus/8 with iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery enables iPhone users to switch WhatsApp chat history and attachments between two iOS devices at ease. Furthermore, it allows users to restore WhatsApp photos, videos, message and other iPhone data from iPhone.



Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery


Step 2. Connect both iPhones with your computer


Step 3. Click on the "Backup & Restore WhatsApp" button


Step 4. Select the "Transfer WhatsApp messages" option

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via third-party app 

Step 5. Hit on the "Transfer" button to start the transferring process

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via third-party app 


Note: you can use iOS Data Recovery to back up your WhatsApp contents and then retrieve WhatsApp from the backup file onto your new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/ 8.


Solution 2. How to Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone via iTunes

You can use iTunes backup to recover WhatsApp files from old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus/8, too. You ought to note that your data on new iPhone will be wiped after transferring.


Step 1. Create a backup file

You need to back up your WhatsApp data on old iPhone by using iTunes.


Step 2. Initiate new iPhone


Step 3. Choose "Restore from iTunes Backup"


Step 4. Plug the new iPhone into your computer


Step 6. Open iTunes


Step 5. Select "restore from backup"

After that, you are required to choose a backup and click on the "Continue" button.

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via iTunes 


Solution 3. How to Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone by Using iCloud

You can use iCloud backup to restore WhatsApp data to your new phone as well. However, iCloud only provides 5GB free space for you to upload your WhatsApp files. You need to pay for more space or change to another solution if your WhatsApp data are larger than 5 GB.


Step 1. Go to "iCloud > Backup" and toggle on "iCloud Backup"


Step 2. Back WhatsApp chats up on your old iPhone

Go to "Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup > Back Up Now

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via iCloud 


Step 3. Turn on your new iPhone device

Assuming that you have set up your new iPhone, then you need to reset it before you start 

You should login with your Apple ID and password in this step.

 to recover from iCloud backup.


Step 4. Opt for "Restore from iCloud Backup"

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone by restoring from iCloud backup 



Solution 4. How to Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone via App Function on WhatsApp


Step 1. Turn on WhatsApp and go to Settings


Step 2. Tap "Chat Settings > Chat Backup > Back Up Now".


Step 3. Restore WhatsApp conversation


You will be asked to recover WhatsApp with backup after you install and sign into WhatsApp application on your new iPhone.

transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via WhatsApp settings