How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Despite of Platform?

Although WhatsApp turns out to be more popular these days, text message is still playing an important role in daily life and work. Back in the days when phone memory was rather limited, mobile users had to delete the text messages on their mobile phones. But as much as I can recall, there were some precious messages that we hated to delete. At that time, even you got a new phone, you were not able to transfer text messages to new phone due to the finite development of mobile technologies. The only solution might be texting them to the new phone, which of course, charged you per message.


Then you’ve witnessed the development of mobile phones and it is easy to transfer text messages and other data from one phone to another phone running the same operatiing system: from Android to Android or from iPhone to iPhone. So when you get a new Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S8, you can transfer text messages from your old Android phone, Samsung, Google, Sony, HUAWEI, HTC, Xiaomi or other Android device. And this is the same for iPhone text message transferring. The common way is using SMS backup and restore. This should be easier for the iOS end because Apple offers its users two workable solutions - iTunes and iCloud.


If you plan to make a big switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa and want to transfer text  messages to new phone, then it will be a little more complicated. This is because Android phone like Samsung and iPhone are running different operating systems. The apps and settings of each platform are not compatible. But Gmail seems to solve the obstacles between different platforms and it allows you to sync text messages, contacts and calendas across different devices.


So how to transfer texts to new phone via Gmail? First you should sign in your Google account on the old phone, and then backup the text messages to your Google account. Next, on your new phone, sign in your Google account and then find the text message backup and download it to your new phone. When this is done, you will find the text messages on your new phone.


However, the syncing method via Google is not applicable for other data like photos, videos and music which are usually of large size. So is there a way to transfer all data from one phone to another regardless of file type and platform? I think this is what most mobile users are longing for. As a matter of fact, this has been solved a few years ago when the phone to phone data transfer software was developed. As one of the best apps of this kind, Phone to Phone Transfer has been serving a lot of users, helping them transfer different types of data from phone to phone. And below you can learn how to transfer text messages to new phone despite of platform. Before you get started, you should download and install this amazing program on your computer, Windows and Mac are available!



Transfer Text Messages to New Phone Using Phone to Phone Transfer:


Step 1: Start Phone to Phone Transfer

After the phone to phone data transfer app gets installed on your computer, start it and choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” when you get into the main interface.

transfer text messages to new phone 

Step 2: Connect Both Phones to PC

Now please connect both of the two phone to PC respectively via USB cables. Once they are connected, the program will detect your mobile phones and display them on the “Source Phone” and “Destination Phone”. Change the phone positions by clicking “Flip” if they are not in the right place.


Step 3: Select Data Type

Now you will need to select the data type that you want to transfer. For example, if you want to transfer text messages, select the “Messages” and deselect other types.

transfer text messages to new phone 


Step 4: Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

After you select the data type, click “Start Copy”. And Phone to Phone Transfer will begin to transfer text messages to new phone.

 transfer text messages to new phone