How to Transfer My Text Messages to A New iPhone

When I swapped my using iPhone for an iPhone 8 which is launched recently, my new iPhone Message app had no data in it. So I copied my text messages on the using mobile phone to my iPhone 8 for further use. Meanwhile, I applied a transfer tool called iPhone Data Transfer. It is an almighty tool for iOS users to switch phone data like text messages between two iOS devices. Since I have successfully and quickly moved my text files to my new iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer, I would like to share my personal transfer experience with you in this post.



As a matter of fact, most of iPhone users will choose to migrate all the important and necessary files and settings from old handset to a new iPhone. Speaking of how to transfer messages to new iPhone, you can use transfer features in iTunes and iCloud. Both iTunes and iCloud are handy tools for users to sync all iPhone data with a backup. Hence you need to back up your data on old iPhone by using iTunes or iCloud before you start to restore all the saved files onto your new iPhone. However, both transfer methods won't be covered in today's topic.


Owing to my desire of transferring my text messages selectively, iTunes and iCloud can no longer suit for me. That's why I decide to transfer text files with iPhone Data Transfer.


Key Features of iPhone Data Transfer

1. Transfer peculiar data from iPhone to iPhone directly


2. High speed of transferring


3. Enable to export and save important conversations, SMS and iMessages to computer in txt/pdf/html format


4. Supports most of iOS data like photos, videos, music, apps, contacts, ringtones, voice memos, notes and so forth


How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone Directly


Prior to utilizing this program, I download and install it onto my computer. Here are what I do next.


Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Transfer and connect both iPhone devices to a computer via USB cord.


Step 2. After iPhone Data Transfer recognizes my cell phones, I need to choose my old iPhone and hit on the "Merge Device" option.

how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone 


Step 3. Check my target device and select "Next" button on the right side.

how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone 


Step 4. Click "Message" file type and then press "Next" button to switch my text messages from iPhone to iPhone.

how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone 

Note: During the transferring process, I have to ensure that the two iOS devices are connected to the computer. Also, I can use a similar way to directly copy ringtones, music, bookmarks, notes, contacts and more from one iPhone to another. Additionally, iPhone Data Transfer is capable to sync iPhone files without erasing existed data on the target device.