How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to PC?

Back in the days when a smartphone was not so smart as it is now, it was mainly used to make phone calls and send messages. And at that time, the storage of a phone was rather small so it needed cleaning up from time to time. What was impressive to me is that I was always loath to delete the messages unless I had to. But I still kept many of the messages that were important, useful and meaningful to me. Till today, I have the habit of saving messages on my iPhone for some purposes. And I think you might be doing the same thing as I am for the sake of work, privacy or reminiscence. Though you own an iPhone with larger storage space, you can still nose out the lack of space due to the large number of apps and other media files. So you might need to transfer text messages from iPhone to your computer or iCloud for more space or future backup use.


While talking about data transfer or backup, the first thing comes to your mind is Apple’s iTunes or iCloud. There is no doubt that this Apple official app can help you backup iPhone data; however, it does not work out without making a copy that is used for backup file. That is to say, without a backup, you can never transfer the data to PC. But a third-party data transfer app like iPhone Data Transfer of iPhoneData can help you detour the duplicating work and will enable you to transfer data directly to the computer.


Before we get started with the transfer process, let me make a brief introduction to our iPhone SMS message transfer tool.


In addition to SMS messages, this program supports a variety of types of iOS data, including messages, WhatsApp, contacts, photos, videos and music. Everything you want can be transferred within a few clicks. What’s more, it supports all iPhone models from 3GS to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus and is ready to embrace iPhone 8. Now free download the app and then install it on your computer without hassle.



Step 1: Run App on Computer

If you complete the installation on your computer, you can then start the program and run it to the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone & Computer

When you enter the user interface, you are to combine your iPhone and the computer using a USB data cable. And once connected, you will see below interface.

transfer text messages from iphone - connect iphone to pc 


Step 3: Transfer Messages to PC

Now you will need to select what you want to transfer, i.e., SMS for messages. Next, you can click “To Folder” and choose a destination folder on your desktop and click “Start” to transfer iPhone messages to PC.

transfer text messages from iphone - to pc