How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone

Do you want to exchange photo data between two iPhone devices? If so, you can read this post right now. This article aims at providing you with an iPhone manager - iTunes Music Manager which supports to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos and any other iOS data that you can imagine of from one iPhone to iPhone. With the manager, you can get an easy and efficient approach on how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone.



Key Features of iTunes Music Manager:


1. Freely add photos to iPhone 7 without erasing any data.

2. Perfectly backup/restore iTunes library.

3. Enable to extract photos from iCloud or iTunes backup.

4. Transfer between iPhone and Android devices

5. High speed to transfer a large number of photos in a few minutes.

6. Transfer photos from iPhone to computer and vice versa.

7. Supports 24 kinds of iOS data, including Photos, Videos, Music, Messages, Contacts, Notes, App, Voice memos and so forth.

8. De-duplicate the repeated iPhone data.

9. Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 4/ 4s iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6s/6plus/6s plus, and even the latest iPhone 8.


One-Click to Switch Photos from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes Music Manager


There is a free version of iTunes Music Manager for you to choose. You can download and install it onto your computer before you do the following tutorials.


Tutorial 1. How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone Overall


Step 1. Select the source device from which you wish to transfer

Once you plug both iPhone devices into your PC or Mac, you are supposed to select one of them as your source device in iTunes Music Manager. Then opt for "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the main screen.

how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone


Step 2. Choose the other phone as the target device

You are required to click the rest iPhone from the drop-down menu and choose it as your target device. Click on the "Next" option to go to the final step.

how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone

Step 3. Sync photos between both two iPhones

You can preview all the photo info on the target iPhone, such as Music, Videos, Playlists, Photos and Contacts. Click "Transfer" button then you can begin the copying process.

how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone


Tutorial 2. How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPhone Selectively


Step 1. Connect both iPhones to your computer

Step 2. Decide which iPhone is the source and which one is the target

Step 3. Click "Photo" option and select a peculiar image type like Photo Library/

Step 4. Check the photo files that you want to copy

Step 5. Go to Export > Export to Device

Step 6. Select the device that onto which you expect to transfer

how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPhone 

In conclusion, these two tutorials are simple and will help you to achieve photo transfer task in easy ways. You won’t regret to utilize iTunes Music Manager program.