How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to your new iPhone?

When you buy a new phone, you don't want to lose those photos which full of memories and want your photos or pictures saved to your new iPhone. Lots of iPhone users hope to have a fast way to help them transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone completely, then how to reach it effectively? There are a few steps.


First, you need to backup your data in the former phone.

1. Download an app like Wondershare Mobile Trans” and install it on your phone.

It is a powerful application designed for mobile users who are preparing to replace data to a new iPhone. With this program, the entire transfer process become super easy and doesn’t include any extra work.


2. You're allowed to backup phone and then restore to any other supported phone.

3. Choose the photo or picture albums you wish to transfer. So those albums will be saved on the Internet.

4. Click "Backup Photos".


Next , transfer the photos to another iPhone

1. Since you have saved your photo or picture albums in the former phone, you can restore them to the new device. Remember download the app again and launch it. 

2. Select all the photo or picture albums you wish to transfer to the new Device.

3. Click "OK". And you have transferred photos from iPhone to your new iPhone.

This is the way for iPhone users to transfer their photos or pictures from an old iPhone to a new one. Thanks for this application, you can easily  transfer photos from iPhone to a new iPhone without wasting time. We don’t need to rely on traditional ways to transfer the data, such as photos, videos, contacts, etc.