Three ways to Transfer iPhone Notes to Android

If you are planning to change your iPhone to Android mobile phone, you are supposed to save your significant data and transfer them to your new Android phone for further use. However, switching data, like notes, between two different operating systems is not easy. Therefore, we are going to post three approaches to transfer iPhone notes to Android in this article in order to help you to have a glimpse of iPhone Notes transferring methods. We will respectively elaborate on those ways in three parts.


Part 1. Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android with Phone to Phone Transfer

Phone to Phone Transfer is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which allows iPhone users to transfer data such as notes, contacts and messages to from iPhone to Android and vice versa. It is prevalent for simple operations and intuitive interface. Now let me show you how to transfer iPhone notes to Android in several steps.



Step 1. Launching and connecting

You should open Phone to Phone Transfer and plug your iPhone and Android to computer.

Step 2. Clicking

Please click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" button and select your source and target device.


Step 3. Selecting

You need to choose the content that you want to transfer. At this time, you can check the content box "Notes".

transfer iPhone notes to Android via app 

Step 4. Transferring

Now you can simply click on "Start Transfer" button to transfer notes from iPhone to Android. PS: Phone to Phone Transfer can help users to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android as well.


Part 2. Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android via Outlook

If you have an Outlook account, you can move your iPhone notes to Android by emailing. This method will not be suitable for transferring a great number of data.


Step 1. Plug iPhone to PC via USB cable and open iTunes


Step 2. Click on "Info" button on the left sidebar


Step 3. Click "Sync notes with" and select "Outlook" on the drop-down list.


Step 4. Click "Sync" on the bottom


Step 5. Configure your Outlook account on your Android smartphone. Then, you can find your iPhone notes on the "Reminders" folder


transfer iPhone notes to Android via outlook


Part 3. Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android via Gmail

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, you can also use Gmail to transfer iPhone notes to Android. You can follow the steps displayed below.


Step 1. You should navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account and add "Gmail" on your iPhone.

transfer iPhone notes to Android via Gmail 

Step 2. Type the required info like name, full email address, password and description and make sure that you enable sync for Notes.

transfer iPhone notes to Android 

Note: your iPhone notes will automatically transfer to your Gmail account under the "Notes" label. You can see them on your Android phone after you set up a Gmail account.