How to Transfer from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 Easily and Quickly?

There is no doubt that the biggest event in the mobile world in 2017 is the release of iPhone 8. Ten years has passed since the first iPhone released in 2007 and Apple has been preparing to bring something extraordinary at the 10th anniversary of iPhone. The whole world is talking about this iPhone 8. Based on the rumors arising since months ago, we could expect the next iPhone to delight the world with impressive features.


What are the possible features we might see on iPhone 8?

Larger screen size of possible 4.7/5/5.5/5.8-inch

Curved, edge-to-edge OLED display

All-glass enclosure

Revamped Touch ID feature

3D Touch display & Virtual home button

Apple Pencil Support


Apple A11 processor

Dual-lens camera with AR capabilities

Enhanced dust and water resistance

Upgraded storage starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM

Color: Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

transfer from iphone 7 to iphone 8 


Nevertheless, the next iPhone will be a high end device. And if you are planning to take up iPhone 8, you will need to find a good way to transfer from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8. Since there are a large number of data and files on your iPhone 7 or lower models like iPhone 6, you may not be willing to backup all the data via iTunes or iCloud and then sync to the new iPhone 8. If you are sick of the time-consuming, boring data transfer from phone to phone, I would recommend you use a third-party transfer app.


Phone to Phone Transfer, developed by the team of iPhoneData, can help you transfer anything and everything from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, even the upcoming iPhone 8. With the help of this app, you can transfer from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 very easily. And the supported data include contacts, messages, WhatsApp, calendar and media files.


Apart from the ability to transfer various data from iPhone to iPhone, best iPhone transfer software should also enable you to do that across different platforms. And Phone to Phone can just allow you to transfer between iPhone, Android and Symbian.



How to Transfer Data from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8?


Step 1: Install & Run Software

You can download the software from above buttons. Windows and Mac version are available for download now. Then you can install the app on your computer and run it to the user interface. When you see below screen, choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” to move on.

transfer from iphone 7 to iphone 8 - app user interface 


Step 2: Connect iPhones with PC

Now please use two USB data cables to respectively connect your iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 with the computer. And the installed iPhone data transfer program will detect your iPhones and will show you models of source phone and destination phone.

transfer from iphone 7 to iphone 8 - connect devices 


Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

Once the iPhones and the computer are connected, you will need to select data types to transfer. Just click on the box to enable the item. And the iPhone data transfer software will get the data to transfer from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 after you click the “Start Copy” icon.

transfer from iphone 7 to iphone 8 - copy data