How to Transfer Files from iPad to PC?

iPad memory is like a storage room. Its space gets smaller and smaller as your iPad files hoard up. Hence you need to organize your iPad data in order to prevent your iPad storage from messing up. For example, you need to transfer files from iPad to PC to free up your iPad space. In other words, you can back up your iPad contents which are currently idle onto your personal computer and delete them from iPad afterward so that you will get more place to store your new iPad files.


In allusion to different demands of data transferring, we provide you with two distinct tools to transfer data from iPad to PC. They are iTunes and iPhone Data Transfer. Now let me show you how to migrate iPad contents to computer by using these two kinds of software respectively. 



Part 1. How to Transfer iPad Files onto PC


Step 1 Launching and Connecting

You need to open iTunes and plug iPad into your PC via USB cable. After that, iTunes will automatically make your iPad sync with PC. If you want to manually start it, you will need to disable the auto option.

transfer files from iPad to PC 

Step 2 Transferring

You should select "Files > Devices > Transfer Purchases from iPad" to transfer files from iPad to PC.

transfer files from iPad to PC 

Note: You can only move the purchased contents from iPad to iTunes Library by using iTunes. If you want to transfer non-purchased items to PC, you can back up your iPad files onto computer. Or you can use the following data transfer tool - iPhone Data Transfer.


Part 2. How to Transfer iPad data to PC with iPhone Data Transfer


iPhone Data Transfer is an ease-to-use iOS data transfer tool for uses to send files from iPad to PC and vice visa. It supports all types of files, including purchased and non-purchased files.


Step 1 Run iPhone Data Transfer and Connect your iPad to PC


Step 2 Click on "Content to PC" Option

transfer files from iPad to PC 


Step 3 Select Categories of iPad Files and Export Path


Step 4 Click on The Right Arrow Button


It will need a few seconds or minutes to transfer files from iPad to PC, depending on the size and amount of your transferred files.

transfer files from iPad to PC  


As you can see, it is quick and simple to move iPad contents onto PC by using iPhone Data Transfer. Moreover, there are many other amazing functions on iPhone Data Transfer. You can download the free trial and experience those functions by yourself!