iPhone to iPhone Tricks: How to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone?

Get ready to bring iPhone 8 home? Apple has announced the approximate date of the release of iPhone 8, probably this autumn. That’s one of the biggest news for you iPhone fans. Whether you are hot fan of iPhone or are new user who want to have a fresh try for the magic of iPhone, I bet you can hardly wait any longer. Getting a new iPhone is exciting while setting it up could be a lit bit bothersome. You need to download data, install apps and reorganize contacts, accounts, and so on. And some of you may also concern about how to transfer data from phone to phone. Actually it’s not as difficult as you think. But there are things you need to know about before getting started; otherwise you would not get this done even after you do a lot of hard work. I am willing to offer an easy but effective solution to help you with this.


Here I would introduce iPhoneData’s Phone to Phone Transfer, a professional data transfer program that enables you to transfer all types of data between any two smartphones. The supported data types include contacts, SMS messages, notes, photos, music and movies. And no matter which iPhone model you are using, this data transfer software can work out for you because it is compatible with all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Now you can download the app below and follow below tutorials to transfer you data to a new iPhone.



Step 1: Install & Run Program

Once the iPhone to iPhone transfer software is installed and set up on your computer, you can run the program immediately or launch it later via the shortcut. And you will enter into the user interface; next, you should choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

how to transfer data from phone to phone - software user interface


Step 2: Connect iPhones & PC

Now connect both of your two iPhones with your computer via USB data cables, each iPhone with one cable. And Phone to Phone Transfer will detect both iPhones within seconds. Once the devices are connected, you will see the models and names of both iPhones on the user interface.

how to transfer data from phone to phone - connect devices


Step 3: Transfer Selected Data

Now you need to select the content type you want to transfer. After you select the content, click “Start Copy” to get Phone to Phone Transfer to start the transition. Within minutes,Normally it will take up to a few minutes to finish the transition from from your old iPhone to the new iPhone.

how to transfer data from phone to phone - select and copy data

With the help of iPhone data transfer software, it is very easy to migrate you data from one iPhone to another.