How to Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone?

For the purpose of increasing sales, mobile phone manufacturers are striving to please their customers and perspective customers by catering to their needs, and offering fresh features. Believe or not, their marketing strategies can convince many of you to buy their new models. And even without their alluring advertising, some of you have the need to change your old phone. Now suppose you buy a new smartphone and want to reserve all data including contacts and media files on the old one, you will need to transfer data from old phone to new phone.


It is easy to transfer data between phones of same operating systems, for example, from Android phone to Android phone, or from iPhone to iPhone. However, it is very common for you to switch platform from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android. So the conventional way of transferring data via bluetooth or iCloud does not work out for such case. And, it’s definitely impracticable to simply connecting the two cross-platform devices. But that doesn’t mean you are not able to make it work.


In fact, there is an easy but effective way - using phone to phone transfer software. iPhoneData’s Phone to Phone Transfer could be the very tool for you. With this software, you can easily migrate data and files from an old phone to a new phone, no matter the phones are Android-powered or iOS-powered or even Symbian. And you are able to transfer contacts, SMS messages, WhatsApp, notes, calendar, photos, music, videos and so on. Now follow below steps to transfer your data between smartphones.


Before you get started, you will need to download and install this user-friendly program on your computer.



Step 1: Start App

You can start the data transfer app via shortcut. When you enter the user interface as below image shows, you should choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

transfer data from old phone to new phone - user interface


Step 2: Connect Phones & PC

Now you will need to connect both of your two phones with your computer. Make sure each phone is connected with the computer via USB cable. And keep the data transfer app running all the time. And when the devices are connected, you will see below interface where the source phone and destination phone are placed on each side. If the position is reversed, you can make it right by clicking “Flip” in the middle.

transfer data from old phone to new phone - connect devices


Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

Now you just need to click the content box to select which type of data you want to transfer; and after that, you just need to click “Start Copy” to trigger data transfer between phones.

transfer data from old phone to new phone - transfer data