How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android without Jailbreak?

Just in case you have the need in transfer data from your iPhone to another phone, I did some research and write this article to guide you through how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or even Android phone.


We all know that Apple has restrict limitations on using their iproducts such as iPhone and iPad. Anything you use on the iOS device should be granted by Apple and you can’t go beyond their walled garden. If you want more authority, you will need a jailbreak. However, jailbreaking the iPhone can bring some negative effects to your iPhone. For example, it consumes more power and make it less compatible with the apps from Apple store. That’s why most users do not want a jailbreak for their iOS device.


Apple has never made it easy for its users on the issue of data transfer, especially cross platform transfer from iOS to Android. When you want to transfer data, you may need jailbreak for more authority, which will go against your intention. Now with the help of an iOS data transfer app such as Phone to Phone Transfer, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or worry that the software will jailbreak your iPhone. This iOS data transfer app can ensure you a fast, stable and secured data transition from iPhone to Android. Now download the software from below buttons and learn how to transfer from iPhone to Android smartphone.



How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Phone?


Step 1: Install & Launch Program

Now install the program on your computer and launch it directly or via the desktop icon; and soon you will see below interface.

how to transfer from iPhone - software user interface 

Step 2: Connect Devices via USB

Now connect both your iPhone and Android phone to the computer. Once connected, Phone to Phone Transfer will detect the two mobile devices at once.

how to transfer from iPhone - connect devices 

Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

In the next screen, you will see the devices are connected. Now you need to select content in the middle panel, and then click the “Start Copy” icon to enable the program to start the iPhone to Android transfer.

how to transfer data from iPhone