How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to PC for Future Use & Sync?

You own an iPhone and you use it to make calls, so you must store a number of contacts on your iPhone. Your contacts usually contains phone number, name, address, email, company, job title and other information. And there are quite a lot occasions when you need to backup the contacts on your iPhone for syncing to other devices in the future. So how to backup iPhone contacts to computer in an easy way?


For the sake of safety or something like that, Apple’s iPhone always has its rules to restrict its users to directly copy or backup contacts to SIM card, which is a big disadvantage over Google Android-powered smartphones. If you want to backup your iPhone contacts to your PC, you will first need to copy and storage all the contacts on your iPhone memory, and then transfer to your PC. If this doesn’t bother you, you can take up this way.


Actually, there are other easier ways to transfer iPhone contacts to computer, and among these ways transferring via an app is the easiest and fastest solution. Here I would recommend you iPhone Data Transfer, a one-stop data transfer app that will enable you to transfer contacts from iPhone to PC without any hassle but only satisfaction. Download this app from below and then follow the guidelines.



Step 1: Install & Run App

After you download the app, install it on your computer and then run it. When you manage to open the app, you will enter the user interface.


Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone and the computer via a USB data cable. As soon as they are connected, you will see below interface.

transfer contacts from iphone - connect iPhone and PC 


Step 3: Transfer Contacts to PC

And here you will need to click “Contacts” option on the left menu bar and click “To Folder” to choose a destination folder on your computer. After all is done, click “Start” to transfer iPhone contacts to PC.

transfer contacts from iphone - to PC