How to Transfer apps to your new iPhone?

When you buy a new phone, but you don't want to spend extra money for apps that you already have, and want your app data saved and ported over to your new iPhone or just want to share apps with multiple devices. Lots of iPhone users wish to have a super fast way to help them transfer apps to new iPhone completely, then how to reach it effectively? We know that lots of iPhone assistant tool on the market have claimed that they have the ability to move apps from one to another, and the facts proved that some of them have worked just like they said, what you need is a few procedures.

First, you need to backup your data in the phone.

1.Download an app like “phone to phone transfer” and install it on your computer.



It’s a full functional Windows app designed for mobile users who is preparing to replace its old phone to a new one automatically without any hassle. With this program at hand, the entire transfer process can be done with one-click! No any single additional work included!

2.You're allowed to backup phone with a lick and then restore to any other supported phone. the apps you wish to transfer. To select multiple apps at the same time.

4.Click “back up apps”.


Next , transfer the apps to another iPhone or iPad

1.Since you have saved your apps in the former phone, you can restore them to the new device. You can run this program.

2.After the apps get listed, click Install apps.

3.Select all the apps you wish to transfer to the new Device.

4.Click “OK”. And you have transferred the apps to your new device.

transfer apps to new iPhone

This is how to transfer iOS apps and app documents from one iPhone to another iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Through these steps I mentioned, you can easily transfer your apps to another iPhone without wasting time and it's always a good idea to back up your devices consistently in case of emergency and to prevent data loss. And don't just rely on personnel at the phone store to transfer only contacts from your old phone to the new one. This Phone to Phone Transfer can transfer just about everything with as little as a single click.

For example:

1.Transfer data between phones from the same carrier

2.Migrate data on phones of different carriers

3.Copy data from a contract phone to a no-contract one