3 Solutions to WhatsApp Chat Backup for iPhone Users

It is important to keep a backup of message history on your iPhone and make sure it is secure and available for any case. And WhatsApp as one of the most popular messaging services on iOS platform should be on the top list of your backup agenda. Since you now communicate with others mainly via WhatsApp, you may have a lot of chat history containing media files like photos and videos. Imagine that you had a long chat with your business partner or client, the content of your chat must be very important. Therefore, you need to make a WhatsApp chat backup on your iPhone.

 whatsapp chat backup

Apple has always been asking users to make backup of their device and data in case of any accident. What if you delete the WhatsApp chat history by mistake or lose it due to other reasons? Once that happens, you can restore the WhatsApp chat history with the backup you created before, via iTunes or iCloud. But if you haven't made a backup, there will be a lot of work to do if you want to get them back. So why not backup WhatsApp messages before something happens?


Now the problem is where to keep your WhatsApp chat backup and how to back it up. There are several ways for you to back up WhatsApp chat messages and attachments on your iPhone. Read on to check them out.


Solution 1: Backup WhatsApp Messages & Attachments to PC

Instead of iCloud, you can easily backup WhatsApp messages and attachments to the computer via a data transfer app called iPhone Manager.



1 Download and Install iPhone Manager on your computer. Start the app once it gets installed, choose "Data Recovery".

2 Connect your iPhone with the computer where iPhone Manager is installed.

3 Scan data on your iPhone, including WhatsApp messages and attachments.

4 Select WhatsApp data that you want to backup and click "Recover" to backup to the PC.




Solution 2:  Turn on iCloud Drive for WhatsApp Backups on iPhone

On your iPhone, you can backup WhatsApp data to iCloud using some settings. First, you should make sure that iCloud turned on before you can set up to back up WhatsApp data. And below is the guide for WhatsApp chat backup:

1 Launch Settings from your Home screen. 

2 Swipe up to scroll down the menu to locate iCloud.

3 Tap on the iCloud button.

4 Tap on iCloud Drive button.

5 Tap the turn iCloud drive on.

6 Ensure that iCloud access for WhatsApp is turned on. 



Solution 3: Backup WhatsApp Messages & Photos via WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app itself has the feature to allow you to backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud. You can follow below steps to back them up.

1 Launch WhatsApp on the Home screen of your iPhone.

2 Tap on Settings.

3 Tap the Chats button.

4 Tap on Chat backup.

5 Tap "Back Up Now" to upload your chat data to your iCloud storage.



With the above solutions to WhatsApp chat backup, you don't need to worry about losing important WhatsApp chat messages and attachments any more.