Three Solutions to Recover Contacts from iPhone

Lost your iPhone contacts because of iOS updating? Have no backup of contacts? Don't worry. Here we will introduce three solutions to recover contacts from iPhone. Take a few minutes to read this article and you can find different ways to restore iPhone contacts.


We know that iPhone contacts are significant for users. It makes iPhone users to keep in touch with friends, families, colleagues more conveniently. It stores numbers, address, emails, birthday of people who are related to your work and life. We don't need to remember those information since iPhone has already done for us. Therefore, losing contacts data will be a nightmare, and learning how to recover iPhone contacts will be an indispensable matter for iPhone users.


As for recovering contacts, iOS Data Recovery can totally satisfy iPhone users' demand. It provides three solutions to restore contacts data. Now we will introduce them respectively in the following passage:


Solution 1. Recover from iOS Device

Solution 2. Recover from iTunes backup File

Solution 3. Recover from iCloud backup File


recover contacts from iphone via app 

Solution 1: How to Restore Contacts Directly


If you don't have any backup of iPhone contacts, you can implement solution 1 - Recover from iOS Device. This solution enables you to recover contacts from iPhone directly.



Step 1. Connect and Scan

You are supposed to connect your iPhone after launching iOS Data Recovery. Then you should click on "Start Scan".


Step 2. Restore

In this step, you can browse all contacts data. You should select the data which you want to recover and then click "Recover" button.




Solution 2: How to Restore Contacts with iTunes Backup File

Solution 2 helps you to get contacts data back by using your iTunes backup files. Moreover, it enables you to retrieve contacts data selectively.


Step 1. Scan

You need to click on "Recovery from iTunes Backup File" first. After that, you can see  all the iTunes backup files display on the following window. You should select a backup file which you want to use and click on"Start Scan".



Step 2. Recover

You can preview the contents on the selected backup file after scanning. Tick the items which you want to recover and click "Recover".




PS: you can export those data to your computer and view them on your computer directly. Those contacts data will be saved as HTML and CSV file types.


Solution 3: How to Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup File


If you have iCloud Backup files, you can recover deleted iPhone contacts with those files.


Step 1. Sign in

You need to choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" and sign in iCloud.




Step 2. Select

Choose the backup you would like to recover. iOS Data Recovery allows you to choose the type of files you want to download. After you select "Contacts", iOS Data Recovery will detect all the contacts data for you.



Step 3. Recover

You can preview the contacts info and then you need to select the items according to your need. You are supposed to click "Recover" at last.



In conclusion, these three solutions help iPhone users to recover contacts from iPhone comprehensively and efficiently. It is really worth to have!