Data Are Switching from Android to iPhone 7 with One App!

Talking about data switching from Android to iPhone 7, we will note that Android and iOS are totally different.


Android and iOS are the top two operating systems in smartphone market. Except that iPhone uses iOS, most of the smartphone brands are using Android OS. And the most representative brand is Samsung. Naturally, Samsung data can be transferred to iPhone directly and easily.


If you are thinking about changing your Samsung to iPhone 7, you may be curious about how to transfer data. Are you interested in data switching from Android to iPhone 7? Are you concerned about how to transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar and messages from Samsung to iPhone? Are you afraid of losing data because of incorrect transferring?


If you are searching for a way to solve those problems, you can start to read this article. And here we will recommend an app that can transfer data from Android to iPhone 7.


This app is Phone to Phone Transfer. It is a very useful and powerful app which enables Android users to switch their phone data to iPhone. Besides, it is compatible with more operating systems like Symbian and Blackberry OS. In other words, you can use Phone to Phone Transfer to switch data between Android and iOS, iOS and iOS, Symbian and iOS and so on. Moreover, Phone to Phone Transfer supports a large number of data, including music, playlist, photos, videos, messages, contacts and ect.


Here is a tutorial on how to transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone.


Before you start to transfer photos, you need to download and install Phone to Phone Transfer into your personal computer.



Step 1. Connect both of your smartphone to PC

You should start by connecting your Samsung, and then connect your iPhone via cable.


Step 2. Select the source phone

You are supposed to choose the source device from which you wish to switch data. In this case, you should choose Android device - Samsung.


switching from Android to iPhone 


Step 3. Click "Phone to Phone Transfer"

Now click "Phone to Phone Transfer" to proceed on.



Step 4. Select target phone

In this step, you are required to choose your target device. At this time, you need to choose iPhone in the drop - down list. And then you can click "Next".


switching from Android to iPhone - select target phone 


Step 5. Transfer photos

Your phone data will load on Phone to Phone Transfer. And you can see a window as below. Choose the data you want to transfer. Here you can select "Photos". Lastly, you ought to click on "Transfer" and your Android photos data will switch to iPhone.


switching from Android to iPhone 

In sum, data switching from Android to iPhone 7 won't be a trouble if you use Phone to Phone Transfer!