How to Solve iCloud Storage Full without Paying for iCloud Backup?

iCloud, which is Apple’s cloud-based and content storage system for its Mac and iOS product lines, offers 5 GB of free storage to everyone. If your device is set to back up to iCloud, everything including media files and settings on your iDevice will be backed up to your iCloud storage automatically. Problem is the free 5 GB is for per ID rather than per device. If you have multiple iOS devices, you will run out the 5 GB very quickly. And then you will receive the iCloud storage full message.

iCloud Storage Full - not enough storage


If you see messages like “Not Enough Storage”, “This iPhone hasn’t been backed up in weeks”, or “iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage available”, you should know your backup exceeds the free 5 GB iCloud storage. And you know this could happen quite often; agter all, the photos and videos can consume a huge space. In general, you can solve this problem by paying for more storage or deleting old backup to free up iCloud space. To get more iCloud space, you will need to pay monthly. That’s not a good choice for most of you.


There is another solution to iCloud storage full on your iPhone - to back up iPhone to PC. You can plug your iPhone to the computer and transfer iPhone data via iTunes if you don’t have some unpaid data like music and videos on your iPhone. Apart from iTunes, you can use an iOS data transfer app like iPhone Data Transfer to back up your iPhone data to the computer. iPhone Data Transfer will enable you back up everything on your iPhone to computer, including preferences and settings. And you can restore the iPhone using the backup anytime you want. Having no idea where to start? No problem, you will know how easy it can be after you read below tutorials.

How to back up iPhone to PC once iCloud Storage Full appears?


Step 1: Install & Start iPhone Data Transfer

Before you get started, you will need to download iPhone Data Transfer and install the app on your computer. After installation, you can start the program and run it to the user interface.



Step 2: Connect iPhone & PC

Now you will need to connect your iPhone and your computer via USB data cable. And when they are connected, iPhone Data Transfer will detect your iPhone and display the phone info on the screen.

iCloud storage full solution - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 3: Back up iPhone to PC

In this step, you can select whatever you want and back them up to the computer. Once you finish selecting data, click on “To Folder” to choose an output folder and then click “Start” to back up your iPhone to the computer.

iCloud storage full solution - back up iphone to pc 

Now you don’t need to worry about the limited free 5 GB iCloud storage, and you don’t need to pay monthly for iCloud backup. If the iCloud storage full message comes out, you can just back up your iPhone to the computer.