Simplify phone operative steps through iPhone File Manager App

iPhone 8 may be launched in September 2017, which is regarded as a tribute to the tenth anniversary of iPhone. iPhone fans can’t wait to see and get it. As an iPhone holder, I am excited about that, too. And it reminds me of my experience of using my first iPhone and the iPhone file manager app - iTunes installed on my computer.


iPhone always provides innovative technique and has its own system - iOS. I was totally new to iPhone when I first bought an iPhone. Moreover, I was not familiar with the operations of iPhone. So I had some troubles in using my iPhone at the first time. For example, I needed to install iTunes if I wanted to transfer data between computer and iPhone. After installing, several steps would be still needed for transferring. In those steps, I always forgot that I should sync with iTunes! It was annoying and wasted me a lot of time in that transfer thing! At that moment, I was eager to have an iPhone file manager app to help me avoid the complicated operation, an app that was simpler and better than iTunes. Then I met iPhone Manager that can help me deal with those problems quickly and effectively.


This app is a multifunctional iPhone file manager software. It simplifies the steps of managing phone files and has a straightforward menu interface. We can backup, transfer, recover and erase data between Mac and iPhone, including SMS, Contact, Music, Video and etc.



Let me show you the main screenshot of this app.

iPhone file manager app user interface

You can see almost all operations are provided to you, and no more requirement on sync.


What should be mentioned according to the screenshot above? This app is available for exporting Messages and Contact to MAC! Well, iTunes can’t do that. We can’t get message data directly via iTunes. With iPhone Manager, exporting messages and contacts to computer will no longer be a bother. This iPhone file manager app helps you organize your iPhone files in a convenient way.


Do you still struggle as I used to be ? Try this iOS file manager app. It will bring you different user experience and get rid of the whole sync stuff.