How to Share Photos Between iPhone and Android without Difficulty?

When you want to send an iPhone photo to another iPhone, you can easily transfer it via Bluetooth. But Bluetooth is not available for you to share photos between iPhone and Android. Since you can't get your data directly switched between two different cell phones that running distinct operating system by using Bluetooth service, you may need to take a detour to complete your transfer process. For example, you can send your iPhone photos via some IM services like WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat. Then you need to open the same IM service on Android device to receive and download those photos. However, this method is a little bit inconvenient to share photos between iPhone and Android, especially when you plan to transfer a large number of pictures.


How can you transfer a bunch of photos and other types of files between iPhone and Android smartphone without difficulty and inconvenience? The answer is to use Phone to Phone Transfer! Do you have intimate knowledge of Phone to Phone Transfer? It is an application that allows users to copy photos from iPhone to Android as well as exchange other kinds of data between two different mobile phones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Google, Huawei, LG, Motorola, etc. What's more? Phone to Phone Transfer doesn’t require you to reset your iPhone. Also, you won't need to erase data on the recipient device. In short, it will help you to exchange photos in an easy way.


Now you can follow the succeeding steps and experience how easy and handy Phone and Phone Transfer can be.



How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android device in butches


Step 1. Running and Connecting

You need to launch the Phone to Phone program and connect both iPhone and Android  to your computer via USB cables. PS: You can click on the "Flip" button to switch the target and source devices in Phone to Phone Transfer.

share photos between iPhone and Android - connect phones 


Step 2. Trusting

You should opt to trust the computer that your handsets are connected to.

share photos between iPhone and Android 

Step 3. Ticking

You are supposed to check the "Photos" box. You can see many category data like contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, music and videos. And you need to deselect those data except Photos.


Step 4. Clicking

You are required to click on the "Start Copy" button on the following screen.  

share photos between iPhone and Android - start copy 


Step 5. Disconnecting

You ought to plug out iPhone and Android phone after the transfer process accomplishes

share photos between iPhone and Android 


With the help of Phone to Phone Transfer, you will be able to share photos between iPhone and Android effortlessly.