How to Settle iPhone Contacts Missing Issue?

iPhone contacts missing is likely to happen after iOS degrade, iOS upgrade as well as mistakenly operations. Actually, iPhone users are always at the risk of losing contacts after upgrading iOS to a newer version. Since iPhone contact plays a prominent part in daily life, it will be better to handle data recovery solutions as various as possible. In allusion to this circumstance, we strongly recommend iOS Data Recovery to you.


In other words, if you want to restore iPhone lost phone numbers after upgrading to iOS 10, you can retrieve them by using iOS Data Recovery. It is an extremely powerful and professional program for you to get deleted iPhone contacts back. Besides, it also supports to recover photos, videos, iMessages, message attachments, WhatsApp chat, call logs, reminders, notes, calendar, safari bookmarks, app files, etc. You can apply it to save your iPhone data from either backups or iOS device. Below we will give you three tutorials in order to demonstrate the recovery function of iOS Data Recovery.



Part 1. Fix iPhone Contacts Missing by Directly Recovering from iPhone

Step 1. Attach your iPhone to a computer

You need to connect your handset to a computer and open iOS Data Recovery app on the computer. Choose "Recover from iOS Device" afterwards.


Step 2. Detect your iPhone lost contacts

iOS Data Recovery will automatically scan your deleted or lost contacts on your mobile phone after you check the Contacts box and click "Start Scan" button.



Step 3. Browse and restore deleted contacts

You should select the contact files that you want to recover and then choose "Recover to Computer" or "Recover to Device" to save the selected contacts.

PS: When you find out iPhone contacts missing, you ought to stop using your iPhone at once in case that those data are overwritten.



Part 2. Use iCloud Backup to Restore Missing Contacts


You are able to extract lost contact data from your iCloud backup files as long as you have synchronized them to iCloud before.


Step 1. Sign in iCloud account in iOS Data Recovery

You are supposed to log into your iCloud account after choosing "Recover from iCloud Backup" recovery mode.



Step 2.Download an iCloud backup

You will see all the iCloud backups are upload to iOS Data Recovery. Choose one of them and click "Download" tab.


Step 3. Begin to restore missing contacts from the iCloud Backup

It only needs a few minutes to scan. Then you can click on "Recover" option.


Part 3. Recover Deleted or lost Contacts via iTunes Backups


Step 1. Switch to "Recover from iTunes Backup" mode

If you select the iTunes recovery mode, iOS Data Recovery will offer you to all the iTunes backup files in the program, which enables you to find the most available one to settle iPhone contacts missing problem.



Step 2. Scan the selected iTunes backup

Click on the "Start Scan" icon to ask iOS Data Recovery to scan your iTunes backup.


Step 3. Restore lost contacts

Before you click either "Recover to Computer" or "Recover to Device" button, you are required to opt for some contacts items in this program.


Additionally, iOS Data Recovery is capable of not merely restore missing iOS data but also repairing iOS device to normal, which is stuck in recovery mode, black screen, Apple logo and so on.