How to Set up iPhone 8 in the Right Way?

So if you get the chance to have a new iPhone 8, you will need to think about how to set up the new iPhone before you could experience the great fun it would offer. It’s not difficult to set up iPhone 8 as Apple and many other forums offer tips for you. The most difficult part of the setup lies in how to transfer the data and files from your old phone to your new iPhone 8, especially if your old phone is not an iPhone.


There are various ways to set up iPhone 8:

1) If you are an iPhone upgrader, you can set it up as a brand-new iPhone or restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup. But setting it up as a brand-new iPhone means you will need to start from scratch: you will need to manually set up preferences for everything, download apps from Apple store, re-pay for the music and video collections and so on. Well, sometimes you will even need a jailbreak.

And restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup won’t be any better because you need to spend a lot of time in making backup and then another amount of time restoring. Things will be more complicated if the network is disconnected during either the backup or restoring process, which means you might have to do it again, again and again.


2) If you are a complete iPhone novice who are moving from Android or Symbian, wow, a lot more to do: transfer media files and documents to the computer and then to your iPhone 8; sync contacts, messages, emails, calendars and “invisible” data to your Gmail account and then sync to the iPhone 8.


So many things to do and so tiring! Life is not easy and day-to-day work has almost drained us, why not just make it easier to set up iPhone 8 and enjoy it? Here is the solution to help you skip over the chores: using a data transfer app to move everything from one phone to another phone despite of platform. Phone to Phone Transfer could be the right choice for you! This cross-platform data transfer app will enable you to transfer data and files between any two phones running iOS, Android and Symbian operating system. And with this app, you can transfer data in just 3 steps.




Step 1: Install & Run Phone to Phone Transfer

You can download the app from above and then install it on your computer. After installation, start this iPhone data transfer app and run it to the user interface. And here you will need to choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” to move on.

set up iphone 8 


Step 2: Connect Smartphones & PC

Now you will need to connect both of the old phone and the new phone with the computer. You can plug each phone to the PC via USB cable. And then Phone to Phone Transfer will detect your phone models and display them respectively on the position of either source phone or destination phone. If the position is reversed, you can change it by clicking “Flip”.

Transfer from iPhone to iPhone 8

set up iphone 8 - transfer from iPhone to iPhone 8

Transfer from iPhone 8 to Android

set up iphone 8 - transfer from iPhone 8 to Android

Transfer from Android to iPhone 8

set up iphone 8 - transfer from Android to iPhone 8 


Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

In this step, you will need to select what you want to transfer. Click on the box in front each data type to select data and after that, click “Start Copy” to start the transferring process. And after the transition is completed, you can begin to set up iPhone 8 with all data and files that have just been transferred.

set up iPhone 8 - transfer data