What Should You Do Before You Sell Your MacBook

If there is a to-do list for you to sell your iPhone device, there must have another list for you to sell your MacBook. That will help you have a better privacy security management for your Mac computer. Do you figure out how many things you are supposed to before selling or giving away your Mac? Well, if you don't know, please read this post which offers up full instructions for this issue. If you already have some ideas, we will be appreciated for you sharing them with us in the comment area.


Once you decide to sell your Mac and get a new computer, you ought to cope with your Mac data with cautions to prevent them from leaking out as well as make them capable to use in your new laptop.


sell your MacBook


Step 1. Back up Your Valuable Data from your MacBook Laptop


When you want to replace your old phone to a new onw, you need to download so important data on your Mac device, including interesting pictures, funny videos, important documents. Therefore, you are supposed to archive essential iOS data like music, videos and photos on to your iPhone., Moreover, you can use some professional tool like Time Machine to to back up all of files to external iPhone drive if necessary.


Step 2. Log Out of Accounts on Mac


This step will help you to protect privacy information. Only when you sign out all accounts which are created for apps on your Mac, can you get safer insurances to some sensitive files. Before you sell MacBook Air, you ought to sign out of these apps, and then completely erase caches, cookies and history


Here are some apps that you need to log out:




You should run your iMessage app and then navigate to Preferences > Accounts. After that, you can follow the instructions to sign out of your iMessage.




Go to Apple Menu and choose "System Preferences > iCloud", and then you can log out your iCloud account. Besides, you need to close Find My Mac as well.




You ought to launch your iTunes program on Mac first. Then you can select "Store > Deauthorize This Computer".


Step 3. Erase Browser History, Caches and Cookies from Your Mac Computer


Before you sell your MacBook, you should ensure that you remove privacy caches which are generated when your Browser apps record login info, viewing histories and even downloading history. Please do the following thing to clear browser privacy info.


1. Open the browser on your Mac

2. Detect the related item on menu bar and then wipe it out from your MacBook


Step 4. Erase All Files and Settings on Your MacBook


After you complete the above three steps, you still need to take measures to totally delete everything in your Mac. You can attempt to reinstall the Mac OS X so that all the data will be wipe out from the hard disk of your Mac. In addition, you can apply some data eraser app to permanently remove Mac contents so that you can sell your MacBook without bearing the risk of personal data stolen.