Attention Matters Before I Sell My iPhone

On September 13, 2017, Apple releases a brand new iPhone model - iPhone X, which really surprise iPhone fans. This iPhone X comes after the release of iPhone 8 and both iPhone devices are very attractive with wonderful features. There is no doubt that lots of people can't wait to swap for an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X. I am also excited about this news and consider to sell my iPhone and get a new iPhone. I have resold an iPhone device before and that experience makes me think that it is necessary to make a to-do list which can help me to prepare my iPhone for selling. I think it over and over and finally get a detailed list that covers almost every matter that needs to pay attentions before putting a used iPhone in a resale market.

sell my iPhone 

This to-do list includes 5 aspects. Now I would like to share it with you in the succeeding content. If you are planning to switch your old iPhone to a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, you can read this post first. I will present each aspect separately and take my iPhone 6 as an example.


To-Do List for Preparing iPhone for Reselling


1. Back up All iPhone Data Before Selling


Step 1. Make a backup that contains everything in your iPhone


Assuming that I want to sell iPhone 6 now, the first thing come into my mind is to save all my iPhone files and settings so that I can retrieve them onto my new phone. I will apply iTunes and iCloud to back up my iPhone.


Step 2. Save critical iPhone data to PC or Mac


In fact, some of my iPhone contents can't sync to iTunes or iCloud backup files. In order to archive such kinds of data, I utilize iPhone Data Transfer to copy them onto my computer. Please do this step when you sell iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 or any other models of iPhone.


Note: If you wish to replace your iPhone with an Android device like Samsung, it will be insufficient that you create iTunes or iCloud backups.


2. Wipe out All Files and Settings from iPhone Device


Once I back up my iPhone data completely, I am ready to remove all existing data from my iPhone 6. This measure will protect my private info stored on iPhone after I sell my iPhone. Here is what I do to erase my iPhone contents.


Firstly, I go to Setting on my iPhone and then tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Setting.


Secondly, I use iOS Data Eraser to check whether or not the deleted files are not kept in somewhere in my mobile phone. If there are some remnants, then I will delete them with iOS Data Eraser.

erase data before selling iPhone 


3. Take off SIM Card from iPhone


If yor are using GSM network, you will find out that your SIM card has some customer info. Hence you need to remove your SIM card from your old device and place it to your new iPhone.

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4. Deactivate iPhone by Calling Carrier


If you are using CDMA network, you are supposed to dial to your carrier and then tell them to disable your iPhone from your account.


5. Gather All iPhone Accessories and Clean iPhone


This is the last matter before I start to sell my iPhone. To ensure that I can provide all accessories for your selling iPhone, including charger and cord, I need to gather them in a same place. After that, I will clean my iPhone to make it have a nice and charming look.

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