100% Secured iPhone Data Recovery Crack without iTunes or iCloud Backup

One day when you unlock your iPhone screen, you find your iPhone is different because you cannot find contacts, messages, call history and other data files. This is the case that could occur occasionally to any iPhone user. I myself had suffered from that twice. The first time was due to an updating from iOS 8 to iOS 9.1; and after the update, a lot of data were lost. And the second loss was caused by mistaken deletion. You know there is no recovery feature in the iPhone. What was worse for me was that both times I hadn’t made full backup to iTunes or iCloud. So I had to try some iPhone data recovery crack apps that might recover data without backup needed.


If you searched on Google “iPhone data recovery crack”, you will be flooded with the results claiming themselves the best solutions. But don’t believe their embellished writing for their software until you try it. Many of these “solutions” cannot really work or don’t work as they state. Some of them can even bring damage to your device and data as they can be malicious software with disgusting virus.


So if you want a secured iPhone data recovery crack, you can use iPhoneData.net iOS Data Recovery. This iOS data recovery software crack can help you recover any deleted or lost data from your source iPhone. That means, you don’t need to have iTunes or iCloud backup. And the recovery process is 100% secured simple. No matter what iPhone model or iOS version you are using, you can recover the lost data like contacts, call history, messages, calendars, Safari bookmarks, WhatsApp, iMessages and media files.


What’s more, you can choose to use Windows or Mac version depending on your computer operating system. Now you can download this app and learn how to recover data from iPhone with iPhone data recovery crack.




Step 1: Start iOS Data Recovery

If you have installed iOS Data Recovery on your computer, you can start this iPhone data recovery crack app. And when you enter the user interface, you should click on “Data Recovery”.

iPhone data recovery crack - start app 


Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

In this step, you will need to connect your iPhone with the computer where iOS Data Recovery is installed. You can plug your iPhone to the PC via USB cable. And this software crack will detect your iPhone.

iPhone data recovery crack - connect iPhone to PC 


Step 3: Choose Recovery Mode

Once you iPhone is connected with the computer, you will need to choose the recovery mode: recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup or recover from iCloud backup. If you don’t have backup on iTunes or iCloud, you can choose “Recovery from iOS Device”. Click “Next” to start the scanning process.

iPhone data recovery crack - choose recovery mode


Step 4: Select & Recover Data

When the scanning process is completed, you will see the scanning results with lost data in red. After you select the lost data and then click “Recover”, this iPhone data recovery crack app will start to recover data from iPhone.

iPhone data recovery crack - select recoverable data