How to Save Text Messages from iPhone

iMessage, SMS and MMS are the top three message services in iPhone. When you use them to text with your families, colleagues, friends and beloved people, you will gain more and more personal info in your iPhone device. Some of these text messages are so important that you should take some precautions of archiving them regularly. If you know how to save text messages from iPhone in efficient ways, your text data will be safe even when you suffer from mistaken deletion, iOS update, jailbreak, or iPhone broken.

how to save text messages from iPhone

In general, iTunes and iCloud are the most familiar program for iOS users to back up text messages and other iOS data on iPhone. Both of them are secure and reliable. However, neither iTunes nor iCloud support to check saved iPhone data in backup packets. If you want to view text files in a backup, you should restore them onto iPhone first. And that is inconvenient sometimes.


How to back up iMessages, SMS and MMS as well as read them in backup files in one program? Well, there is a backup tool which is capable of satisfying the above demands perfectly. The program is called iPhone Data Transfer and it will help you to archive text messages from iPhone to PC or Mac and directly access those files.


In order to elaborate on the backup features in iTunes, iCloud and iPhone Data Transfer, we are going to respectively present tutorials of each program in the rest of the post. Please read and find the most suitable backup solution for yourself.



Tutorial 1. How to Backup Text Messages by Using iTunes


Step 1. Run iTunes on a computer


Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and then click the iPhone device icon


Step 3. Click on "Back Up Now" button


You can see this button when you come to the Summary interface. After clicking, iTunes will automatically back up iPhone data, including text messages.


how to save text messages from iPhone with iTunes


Tutorial 2. How to Save Text Messages from iPhone with iCloud


Step 1. Turn on Wi-Fi in your iPhone


You are supposed to make sure that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network during the entire backup process.


Step 2. Tap on "Settings > iCloud > Backup" to turn on iCloud backup feature


Step 3. Select the "Back Up Now" option


The process will take some time, depending on the size and amount of your iPhone contents.


how to save text messages from iPhone with iCloud


Tutorial 3. How to Save Text Messages from iPhone to Computer via iPhone Data Transfer


iPhone Data Transfer allows you to archive text files on iPhone to computer in readable formats like PDF, TXT and HTML. Moreover, the program enables to switch text messages and other iOS files between two smartphones. It is a totally green app which is Norton, SSL and McAfee secured.


Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer


Step 2. Affix your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable


Step 3. Click on the blue circle icon and choose the "Messages" category


Step 4. Save selected texts to your PC by clicking the "To Computer" icon


You can browse your iPhone text message in iPhone Data Transfer and then pick out the files that you wish to transfer.


how to save text messages from iPhone with iPhone Data Transfer