Two Solutions to Retrieve Deleted Voicemail iPhone

iPhone Voicemail has accompanied with us for 10 years. Remember first met it in 2007 when the first iPhone released. And now it already becomes one of my indispensable partner and saves a large number of voice messages. After 10 years of use, I learn more and more knowledge about how to retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone. And I would like to share two solutions to recover deleted voicemail on iPhone with you.


First and foremost, you should know that your voicemail files are saved on the servers of your cell phone carrier, and your voice messages will be deleted from the servers after they expire. And you definitely can't recover expired voicemail from your phone carrier. However, you are able to back up your voicemail on your iPhone. Once you have paid for them, you can save the voicemail files by downloading them from the phone company's server to your own iPhone.


Providing that you deleted voicemails messages on your iPhone by accident, you can use the following two solutions to retrieve deleted voicemail.

Solution 1. Directly Retrieve Deleted Voicemails on iPhone

Step 1. Open your iPhone Voicemail


Step 2. Find out and tap on "Deleted Messages" folder after scrolling to the bottom of the list which presents your current voicemails


Step 3. Check your recently deleted voicemails and retrieve the desired ones by tapping "Undelete" option.

retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone - steps 


Note: this solution is only available when the deletion action happened recently. If you can't see your needed voicemail on "Deleted Messages", you can come to the second solution to retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone.


Solution 2. Recover Deleted Voicemails Messages with iOS Data Recovery

iOS Data Recovery is an app that allows users to restore deleted voicemail, contacts, notes, videos, photos, call history, etc. It supports to recover not only from iTunes and iCloud backup files but also directly from iPhone. Moreover, it features on high speed of recovering! With iOS Data Recovery, you can easily access all your deleted voicemails and save them onto your computer or your iPhone. Here is a tutorial about how to recover voicemail without backup.



How to Directly Recover iPhone Voicemails by Using iOS Data Recovery


Step 1. Open iOS Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer


Step 2. Select "Recover from iOS Device" option, tick "Voicemail" and click "Start Scan"

retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone 

Step 3. Check your voicemail messages after scanning and choose the messages files that you want to recover


Step4. Choose "Recover" and then you can retrieve deleted voicemail iPhone