How to Back up and Restore Kik History with iOS Data Recovery

Since the first Kik messenger released by Canadian company Kik Interactive, Kik has attracted a host to iPhone users to text messages, share chats, photos, videos as well as emoji. Once you register a Kik account, you can create a lot of Kik history data on your iPhone. And you can access to the existing Kik chat history to check something important like precious pictures. However, Kik chat data may get lost when you reset Kik account, uninstall Kik app, update iOS and so on.




As a matter of fact, Kik data won't be 100% safe on your iPhone. That is why you should back up your Kik messages, photos and other attachments in a regular interval. Only when you have a backup file can you salvage deleted or lost Kik history files safely and easily. If you encounter Kik data missing scenarios and look forwards to have a full-fledged Kik message backup and recovery tool, you come to the right place. In this post, we present two relevant tutorials on using iOS Data Recovery to save Kik messages. We believe that the program can satisfy your demands.


iOS Data Recovery is a professional and handy tool for all iPhone users to back up Kik messages and restore deleted Kik history from backups. It supports to retrieve missing Kik messages to iPhone device or personal computer. If you export them to your computer, you will see those files are saved in Txt, Csv, Doc, Html or PDF format. For the sake of using iOS Data Recovery, you are supposed to download and install the tool onto your PC. After that, you can follow the tutorials as below.



Tutorial 1. Back up Kik history with iOS Data Recovery


Step 1. Open the program and connect your iPhone with computer via a USB cable.


Step 2. Select "Kik Backup & Restore" block in the following interface



Step 3. Hit on the "Backup" button to archive your iPhone



Note: You can view the newly created backup file in iOS Data Recover after the backup is complete.


Tutorial 2. Recover Kik Chats from Backups with iOS Data Recover


Step 1. Choose a backup file


You need to click the "To view the previous backup file >>" link on the succeeding window. Then you can pick up a backup to extract Kik data.


Step 2. Click on the "Next" button to proceed


Step 3. Recover deleted Kik messages


iOS Data Recover will scan and upload the data in the selected backup file. You ought to check and choose the ones that you are eager to get back. Then you are required to click "Restore" to regain your lost Kik history.