Recover Deleted Voicemail iPhone after Accidentally Deleted Voicemail

Please help! I accidentally deleted voicemail from my iPhone yesterday. You cant imagine how depressed I am because they are very important to me. I didnt make backup, is there a way to retrieve deleted voicemail from my iPhone? Thanks in advance!


One of our customers sent me an email and ask me if I could help. As a matter of fact, that was not the first time I was inquired of this question. I have received several emails asking the same question. So I think it necessary to write this article on how to recover deleted voicemail iPhone. Hope this will be helpful.



The employment of visual voicemail on the iPhone makes it a lot easier to navigate your messages than ever before. Voicemail has broken the limitation of having to listen to messages in the order you received them, allowing you to choose any message from the list. The flexibility of voicemail also allows you to delete the messages easily, which makes it easy sometimes for you to delete them accidentally.


If you delete voicemail messages on your device, there are ways to recover deleted voicemail iPhone. iOS Data Recovery is one of the best solution to this. This software enables you to recover almost everything you delete on your iPhone. Below are the steps on how to do that.



How to Recover Deleted Voicemail iPhone?

Step 1: Start iOS Data Recovery

After you download iOS Data Recovery from above, you can then install the app on your computer and then run the program. When you get into the user interface as below screenshot shows, click to select “Data Recovery”, and you will be directed to the next screen.


Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

In this step, you will be required to connect your iPhone with the computer where iOS Data Recovery is installed. You can plug your iPhone to your computer via USB data cable. Once you manage to connect the two devices, iOS Data Recovery will detect your iPhone.


Step 3: Choose Recovery Mode

Now you will need to choose a recovery mode. iOS Data Recovery offers you 3 ways to retrieve deleted voicemail:

(1) Recover from iOS Device: Recover deleted voicemail directly from your iPhone without backup.

(2) Recover from iTunes Backup: Recover deleted voicemail from iTunes if you had made backup of your iPhone.

(3) Recover from iCloud Backup: Recover deleted voicemail from iCloud if you had backed up your iPhone to your iCloud account.

You can select where to recover the deleted voicemail depending on your situation. If you select “Recover from iOS Device”, iOS Data Recovery will scan your iPhone and locate the deleted files.


Step 4: Preview & Recover Deleted Voicemail iPhone

Once the program finishes scanning your iPhone, it will display the scanning result on the screen. You can find the deleted files easily because they are in red. You can click them to preview, and after you select them, click “Recover”, and iOS Data Recovery will start to recover deleted voicemail iPhone.