3 Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone

As time goes by, iPhone users will receive and store more and more messages. Some of the messages are so important that they can't be deleted in no matter what kind of situations. However, accidental deletion is inevitable so that you will need some tools to efficiently recover deleted text messages iPhone.


Apart from iTunes and iCloud, we are going to recommend you another powerful data recovery tool - iOS Data Recovery. This application has three recovery modes for iOS users. Assuming that you have backed up your text messages with iTunes or iCloud, then you can retrieve your lost messages by extracting them from the previous backup files. If you don't sync your messages to iTunes or iCloud, you are supposed to choose a mode that enables you to directly restore data from iPhone device in iOS Data Recovery. Actually, iOS Data Recovery also allows you to selectively recover deleted text messages iPhone by extracting files from backups. Here are three relevant tutorials that will respectively demonstrate these three recovery modes.




Tutorial 1. How to Extract Deleted Text Messages from An iTunes Backup


Step 1. Selecting and Scanning

You should click the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode after installation. Then you will get an interface that shows all your iTunes backups. You are required to choose the most suitable one and then hit on "Start Scan".



Step 2. Previewing and restoring

You can see that all the contents in the selected backup are listed when the scan is completed. You can view the detail info of these contents and then choose the ones that you want to extract in iOS Data Recovery. Lastly, you should click "Recover".



Tutorial 2. How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via iCloud


Step 1. Log into iCloud account

You ought to select the "Recover from iCloud Back File" mode and then sign in your iCloud account. The entered info will be secured so that you don’t need to worry about leaking.



Step 2. Extract iPhone Message in iCloud backup

When you access to your iCloud account, you are able to download a backup file from the category shown in the following window. If you want to just recover deleted text messages iPhone, you should check the "Messages" option only on the pop-up window and click "Next".



Step 3. Selectively Retrieve Text Messages

After downloading, you are allowed to preview entire text messages in the backup. Now you should choose some message files that you expect to export to your computer or your iPhone device. If you wish to recover them onto your mobile, you are supposed to plug your iPhone into the computer and then click "Recover to Device".



Tutorial 3. How to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone Device


Step 1. Connect your iPhone with a computer

After you open iOS Data Recovery and plug your phone into computer, click on the "Recover from iOS Device" option.


Step 2. Scan the deleted messages on iPhone

You can opt for "Messages & Attachments" and hit on "Start Scan" to detect all the deleted and lost messages from your iPhone device.



Step 3. Directly restore deleted text from your iPhone

You can check all the scanned text message in iOS Data Recovery. Then you have to select the message items that you desire to retrieve before clicking the "Recover" button.