How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPad Easily?

iOS devices have added a crucial feature to the Photos app on since iOS 8 released. That is to create an album called "Recently Deleted" that acts like a Recycle Bin or Trash can for iOS users to temporarily save photos which are deleted from other folders for a period of 30 days. Hence people will have a chance to recover deleted photos from iPad, iPod or iPhone by simply undeleting those photos on "Recently Deleted" album.


With this feature, iOS users can easily restore deleted pictures as long as those data stay in the album. For example, when your children delete iPad picture inadvertently, you can go to "Recently Deleted" album and track down the photos. Then you recover deleted pictures from iPad after you tap a picture that you wish to get them back. To be honest, that is a really convenient feature!


What if you want to recover deleted iPad photos after you empty the "Recently Deleted" album? Well, there are three ways to restore those deleted photos. The first two methods are to recover iPad photos by using iTunes or iCloud backup files. And the third one is to retrieve photos with iOS Data Recovery. From my point of view, using iOS Data Recovery is the easiest and handiest way to restore deleted iPad photos. Because this app enables iOS users to recover deleted or lost data from not merely backup file but also iOS device itself! What's more? iOS Data Recovery allows users to selectively extract files from backup files. It means that you can retrieve specific photos, notes, messages or other kinds of data instead of recovering them all onto iPad. Amazing, Huh?


Now, please allow me to present the tutorial about how to directly recover deleted photos from iPad step by step. You can download and install iOS Data Recovery and then practice the app as the following the steps.



How to Directly Retrieve Deleted iPad Photos by Using iOS Data Recovery


Step 1 Open iOS Data Recovery and Plug iPad into Computer

You need to connect your iPad to PC/Mac via USB cable until the whole recovery process finishes.


Step 2 Hit on "Recover from iOS Device" Option and Click on "Start Scan".

recover deleted photos from iPad 


Step 3 Preview the Scanned Photos
You are able to check your deleted iPad photos on iOS Data Recovery after scanning.


Step 4 Click on “Recover” Button

recover deleted photos from iPad 


You can see that the operations are straightforward and simple. With iOS Data Recovery, you will obtain the easiest way to recover deleted photos from iPad!