How to Recover deleted notes iPhone 6 with or without Backup

Just now I cleaned all my current deleted notes on "Recently Deleted" folder after I inadvertently deleted my notes on my iPhone 6. I can't believe that the careless data loss happened to me! However, it is not an irrecoverable issue for me. Because I know some tools that will help me recover deleted notes iPhone 6. Below is a to-do list that I successfully retrieve my deleted notes on my iPhone 6.


# First of all, I will try to shake my iPhone 6 to see if I can undo the deleted operation on Notes app.

# Then, I am about to check my notes data on iCloud account if this can work well.

# Last, I will apply iOS Data Recovery to restore iPhone notes when I can't get my deleted notes back by using the first two methods.


Here is more information about how to recover my iPhone Notes files via iCloud and iOS Data Recovy.


How to Retrieve iPhone Notes Data via iCloud?

Actually, I am using this method to recover notes data from iCloud backup file. iCloud will back up our notes data if we turn on Notes option in iCloud on our iPhone. So I have a chance to recover iPhone notes from iCloud backup by the following steps.


Step 1. Sign in to and click Notes icon

Step 2. Check my deleted notes data there and go back to iPhone > Setting > iCloud Step 3. Toggle Notes on

Step 4. Connect to Wi-Fi and open Notes app (My selected notes data in iCloud will sync back to iPhone 6 automatically)

Assuming that I can't recover deleted notes iPhone 6 by using iCloud backup because I can't find them in my iCloud. Then I switch to Plan B. It is to retrieve iPhone notes with iOS Data Recovery!


How to Retrieve Notes Files without Backup

iOS Data Recovery allows users to recover data directly from iPhone. It won't require me to have a backup file that contains lost or deleted data like notes, messages and contacts. But I should stop to use iPhone Notes app to create any new note after I delete my iPhone notes.



Step 1. Launch iOS Data Recovery and plug my iPhone 6 to computer

Step 2. Click on "Recover from iOS Device" button

Step 3. Choose "Start Scan"

Step 4. Select the notes files that I wish to restore and click "Recover to Device"

recover deleted notes iPhone 6 


My Plan B never involves in any backup file, and it will recover deleted notes iPhone 6 for sure!