How to Recover Deleted Kik Messages on iPhone?

With a total number of over 275 millions of active users, Kik has become a hot messaging app after WhatsApp. You are allowed to chat with others using messages and share images, videos and other files. That’s one of the amazing features of this app. If you have been using WhatsApp, then you should know how to use Kik. So I will not talk about topics like how do you log out Kik or something like that. Instead, I will focus on how to recover deleted Kik messages.

recover deleted kik messages

Losing Kik messages and files can be very disappointing but this happens as often as losing any other data type, for example, WhatsApp messages and contacts. You may lose Kik history due to various reasons among which some should have been avoided. Below are some top reasons that may lead to your Kik data loss:

# Delete Kik messages by mistake

Lose Kik history because of system crash

Forgot Kik username and password

Kik data disappear after jailbreaking or ROM flashing

Lose Kik after factory reset or iOS update

iOS gets attacked by virus or malware

Fail to restore full data from backup

Device locked or forgotten password

Device gets damaged or stolen


No matter which of above is responsible for your Kik data loss, you can recover deleted Kik messages and files without difficulty. The rest part of this article will show you how to recover old Kik messages in 3 different ways.



How to get old Kik messages back?

Method 1: Recollect Kik Messages from Your Friends

The messages and files created between you and your Kik contacts are the contents you want to get back. So the easiest and straightforward way to regain lost Kik messages and files should be asking them to send you a copy of the conversation. But taking into consideration that you may have a lot of friends and have a large number of data to recover, this should not be the best way. But you can try this if you don’t have too many Kik messages to recover. If this method does not meet your needs, you can try below solutions.


Method 2: Recover Kik Messages fromiTunes/iCloud Backup

Thank God because you have backed up your Kik messages to iTunes or iCloud. With the Kik backup in iTunes or iCloud, you can recover deleted Kik messages with ease. And iOS Data Recovery is the professional tool to help you extract the Kik messages you want and restore them from iTunes or iCloud backup onto your iDevice. This is different from, well, better than restoring the whole device because you can selectively retrieve Kik messages. Method 2 and Method 3 will require you to download and install iOS Data Recovery on your computer before you can proceed on. And here is how:



Step 1 Choose to recover Kik data from iTunes/iCloud backup

After you launch iOS Data Recovery, connect your iPhone to the computer and then click to choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” or “Recover from iCloud Backup”. 

recover deleted kik messages from iTunes backup

Note: Make sure you have the latest iTunes installed on your computer. And if you choose “Recover from iCloud Backup”, you should sign in iCloud with your account and password.

s from iCloud backup - sign irecover deleted kik messagen

Step 2 Choose a relevant backup file

In this step, you should choose a backup that contains all Kik messages you want. Check the backup by checking the date. Click “Start Scan” to tell iOS Data Recovery to scan iPhone for lost Kik messages.

recover deleted kik messages - choose backup file

Step 3 Preview and extract Kik messages

After the program finishes scanning your iPhone, you are able to preview all the Kik messages and attachments in the selectediTunes or iCloud backup. You can then choose the Kik messages you need and click “Recover” to recover the lost Kik history.

recover deleted kik messages - recover selected files 

Method 3: Recover Deleted Kik Messages from iPhone Without Backup

What if you don't have any backup of Kik messages on your iPhone? With the help of iOS Data Recovery, you can retrieve the lost Kik messages directly from your iPhone.

Step 1 Choose to Recover from iOS Device

After you manage to connect your iPhone to PC, click to choose “Recover from iOS Device”. Next you should check “Kik” enabled and click “Next” to continue.

recover deleted kik messages from iPhone

Step 2 Scan and preview your Kik messages

Now you are supposed to click “Scan” to let the iOS data recovery program dig out the lost Kik messages deep from your iPhone.

recover deleted kik messages - scan iPhone

Step 3 Recover old Kik messages and store them on your PC

After the scanning process, you can preview and choose the Kik messages from the scanning results. Choose messages you want and click “Recover” to recover deleted Kik messages.

recover deleted kik messages