iPhone Contact Recovery App to Recover Deleted Contacts

Before we get started, I want to ask a simple question: What do you think is the most important and valuable data on your iPhone? You might have different options but I guess most of you would say "Contacts". I have made a survey asking my people around me and our clients and most of them gave me an expected but surprising answer. About 70 percent of the respondents agreed that contacts should be the most valuable data.


However, it is interesting that I have been inquired quite often about how to recover deleted contacts. But when I think it over later, it is not so surprising because one can lose the contacts on the iPhone very easily. And the reasons are various. You might delete one or two contacts by mistake, or you could lose them due to restoring, factory reset, iOS update or virus infection. No matter in which way you lose the contacts, it could be a terrible thing for you. Imagine if you lose the business contacts, how can you get in touch with your potential customers? I don't think you could remember all those long numbers.


So how to get back deleted contacts after you lose them on your iPhone? There are many solutions, but sometimes it is not necessary to perform a data recovery. You should first figure out what has really happened to your contacts even after you don't see them on the Contact list. Maybe your iPhone contacts are not really lost. Sometimes you can get them shown up again via some settings of the Contact app. You may have just hidden them without awareness. So you can check it out if you just did that, and you can do this by following below steps:


1. Tap on the Contacts app icon on our iPhone to launch the app

2. Press on the menu (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner

3. Tap on "Contacts to display"

4. Select "All contacts"


If you see the "lost" contacts again, that's good and congratulations! But if you don't, well, you've just lost them without doubt. Then you should try something else. Now you should try to figure out if you have made backup of your contacts, syncing to iCloud, iTunes library or Gmail. If you do, you can restore the deleted contacts to your iPhone with ease. The operation of restoring is simple and you can find tutorials online very easily. Therefore, I would not make a further explaination. Instead, I would like to show you how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone when you don't have backup.


How is it possible to recover deleted iPhone contacts without using backup? The answer is using an iPhone contact recovery app. With such a tool, you can retrieve lost contacts and other data directly from the iOS device. You don't need a backup or use iTunes. And iOS Data Recovery is a decent data recovery app that you might need. Now download the software and install it on your computer and then follow below steps to recover lost contacts from your iPhone.



How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone without Backup?

1 Launch iOS Data Recovery

After you install iOS Data Recovery on your computer, you can start the app. And when you get into the user interface, choose "Data Recovery".

recover deleted contacts from iPhone - start app 

2 Connect iPhone with PC

Now you should connect your iPhone with the computer via USB cable. And once you do that, the iPhone contact recovery app will detect your iPhone.

recover deleted contacts from iPhone - connect iPhone to PC


3 Choose "Recover from iOS Device"

iOS Data Recovery offers you 3 modes to recover lost iPhone data: Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup. Now you are supposed to choose the first one if you don't have backup. And once you do that, you can start the scanning process.

recover deleted contacts from iPhone - choose recovery mode 

4 Recover Deleted Contacts

After iOS Data Recovery finishes scanning your iPhone, you will see the deleted contacts in the scanning results. Now you can choose those that you want to recover. After you click "Recover", the program will start to recover deleted contacts from your iPhone. And it won't take long.


recover deleted contacts from iPhone - start recovery