Recover Data from iOS When You Delete Your Text Messages by Accident

How to recover deleted text massages from iPhone? Is there a way to get the lost data back? Of course, yes.


Many people have text messages going back a decade, some are care from family who have passed away, some are greetings from long lost friends, and some are important information that might be needed later. What to do if you have deleted or lost them? Here is an iOS data recovery app that may be useful for removing your trouble.


It is comforting to know they are there and you can access them again whenever you need. However, sometimes, when you delete some useless massage to free up space, you may delete some massage that is important for something you have not expected. Therefore, you can use iOS Data Recovery to solve your problem.


Step1: Download & Install Software

First of all, you are supposed to download the iOS Data Recovery that can recover data from iOS and install it on your computer. Windows and Mac version are available for you to download from below buttons.



Step2: Launch Software

Secondly, you can start this software and when you enter into the main interface, you should choose “Data Recovery” to move on.

recover data from iOS - launch app 

Step3: Choose Recovery Mode

Then you need to select a recovery mode: recover from device, from iTunes backup or from iCloud backup. You can choose the mode according to your needs.

recover data from iOS - choose recovery mode


Step4: Select & Recover Data

Lastly, you ought to choose the types of data you want to recover, such as text massages. After that, you can start the data recovery for iPhone by clicking the “Recover” button.

recover data from iOS - select and recover