How to Print Photos in Three Ways

iPhone provides people with amazing photograph feature, which makes more and more people be wild about taking pictures for life memorable things or events. You can see iPhone users use iPhone to record thing during traveling, having party or ever going to picnic. May be you are one of them. Sometime iPhone users will print photos for displayed or stored.


There are lots of methods and tools for you to print iPhone picture. And I would like to post the top three options for you in the following parts.


print photos


Option 1. iPhone Data Transfer


With this program, you are able to transfer your desired photos to PC or Mac and then print photos from your computer. Here are what you need to do with iPhone Data Transfer.



Step 1. Download iPhone Data Transfer on your computer

Step 2. Launch iPhone Data Transfer

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable

Step 4. Choose "Photos > Camera Roll"

Step 5. Pick out the photos which you want download onto your computer

Step 6. Click on the "Export" to complete the transfer process


print photos


Note: How to print photos from iPhone after that? Well, just find a printer and connect it to your computer so that you can print your favorite photos through compute.


Option 2. AirPrint


You can apply an AirPrint which is compatible with iOS. Commonly, you can not only use it to print iOS photos, but also use it to print note, messages and other iOS files. Such a printer supports you to easily print photos wirelessly. Below is a step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1. Run Photos app on your iPhone

Step2. Tap on a photo that you wish to print

Step 3. Choose the Share option at the bottom-left corner of the iPhone screen

Step 4. Tap "Print" to start


print photos


Note: If there is any AirPrint nearby, your iPhone will automatically detect and list it. And then you can choose them from the list to accomplish the above task.


Option 3. Walgreens


The Walgreens app provides you with the service that you can print photos from your iPhone quickly. Assuming that you don't have an available AirPrint, then our can use this app after upload your iPhone photos as follows.


Step 1. Download Walgreens on a computer

Step 2. Transfer Photos from your iPhone to the computer

Step 3. Upload potos on the computer to Walgreens Photo Center

Step 4. Select the photos size you want to print


print photos


Note: You can get your printed iPhone photos at a Walgreens store near you. Or you can choose to ship them directly.


The above 3 options have pros and cons. You can pick out one of the after considering your own situation and preference. If you have other solutions to print photos from iPhone easily, please let us know. Thanks in advance.