Great Photo Transfer App for iPhone - Phone to Phone Transfer

iPhone has the top-of-the-line camera, which caters to a desire for selfie and snapping memorable moments. As a result, tons of photos are taken and stored on iPhone. Your iPhone space is occupied by those photos so that your iPhone runs more and more slowly. Therefore, you may need a photo transfer app for iPhone  to free up your iPhone by moving some photos files to computer, iPad or other devices.


Useful photo transfer app for iPhone will help you migrate photo data with less effort. It will help you easily export multiple photos from your iPhone to other devices like Mac and PC. Moreover, this kind of app enables you to transfer photos between iPhone and Android. For example, you can directly transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone with a well-used photo transfer software. Thus, you can share your iPhone photos with friends or families who use Samsung.  


In following part of this article, we will introduce Phone to Phone Transfer, one of the best photo transfers for iPhone, and show how it works to transfer photo files from iPhone to Samsung.


Phone to Phone Transfer is a great photo transfer app for iPhone to move photos from iPhone to computer, iPad, iPhone or Android. It supports users to migrate photo files in batch. Besides, it enables users to transfer photos from iPhone to Android completely or selectively, which makes iPhone users have better experience of sharing photos with other people who use Android mobile phone. In our opinion, Phone to Phone Transfer is a pretty good iOS to Android transfer program for iPhone users.


Here are two tutorial which display the details of transferring photos from iPhone to Samsung. You need to download and install Phone to Phone Transfer before you use it to transfer photos.


Tutorial 1. Completely Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung with Phone to Phone Transfer


Step 1. Start Phone to Phone Transfer and connect both iPhone and Samsung to your computer


Step 2. Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" button

photo transfer app for iPhone 


Step 3. Select iPhone as the source device and Samsung as the target device

photo transfer app for iPhone - connect devices


Step 4. Deselect items except "Photos" and click on "Transfer"

photo transfer app for iPhone 


Tutorial 2. Selectively Transfer Photos from iPhone to Samsung with Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 1. Connecting

You should connect Samsung and iPhone to computer after launching Phone to Phone Transfer


Step 2. Selecting

You need to select iPhone as your device, click on "Photos" on the top of the sidebar and choose specific photo type by selecting the items on the left side. After that, you can see photos appear on the following window.

photo transfer app for iPhone 


Step 3. Transferring

Check the photos which you want to transfer and click on "Export" button. Choose "Export to Device" and then choose the Samsung device to export data.


All in all, Phone to Phone Transfer is a convenient photo transfer app for iPhone and iOS users can share photos with other people more easily.