Phone Transfer App to Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer?

Let me guess, since you are here, you are probably looking for a solution to transfer data from iPhone to computer or the other way. Well, congratulations! You’ve just made the right click that directed you here. I think you might have read some other pages concerning the same issue. Whether you are satisfied with those solutions or not, you may get a better solution if you read on. Below is a solution that helps you make the transition more easily and faster with a great phone transfer app.


You may think that iTunes can do the job well, so why do you need a phone transfer app? No offense, but you’re half right in this regard. But why, you may ask again. Indeed, iTunes endows you with the power to manage photos, music and videos on your iPhone as well as the power to back up and sync data from PC to iPhone. But make no mistake, just from PC to iPhone, but not from iPhone to PC. That is the restriction of iTunes. However, there are a lot of situations where you need to transfer data from iPhone to your computer. For example, there is not enough space for storing more data, and you don’t want just delete any of the existing files, so you would like to back up the existing files and store on your computer. Besides, we should have the habit of back making backup in case of data loss caused by device damage, device missing, system crash, upgrade failure, etc.


Taking above into consideration, iTunes is just not able to fulfill your needs. On the contrary, phone transfer app such as iPhone Data Transfer can do what iTunes can while it can do what iTunes cannot do. That is to say, this app will empower you to transfer data from PC to iPhone and the other way round. You can now download the phone transfer program to test if it can solve your problem. And then you can follow the below steps to transfer your data from iPhone to your computer. It is very simple!



Step 1: Connect iPhone with Computer

Once the phone transfer app is installed on your computer, you can just launch it and then connect your iPhone and the computer as required.


Step 2: Select File Content

When your iPhone is connected with the computer, you will need to select what types of file content to transfer.

phone transfer app user interface 

Step 3: Transfer from iPhone to Computer

Now select all the data you want to transfer and then click “Export to” on the toolbar to save and export the data to your computer. When the transfer process is done, click "OK" and exit the phone transfer app.

phone transfer app to transfer data from iPhone to PC