Phone to Phone Data Transfer: Transfer Anything Between Any Phone

In the age of digitalization, it’s inevitable to transfer data from one device to another, especially transfer between mobile devices. So when will you need to transfer data from phone to phone? Below are some cases when you need a phone to phone data transfer.

# When you need to backup the data and files;

# When you want to upgrade OS version;

# When you share interesting things with family and friends;

# When you need to transfer work paper to your boss and colleagues;

# When you want to change your mobile phone.

No matter which reason, you need to transfer a lot of things: contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, notes, calendar events, call history, movies, music, photos, camera shots, albums and so on. With so many data to transfer, it could be quite troublesome. So what’s the easiest and most effective solution? You might think connecting the two mobile phones to computer is the direct and fast way. You are right at this unless media files and documents are the only stuffs you want to transfer because this does not allow you to transfer contacts, messages, call history and some other data. Syncing full backup to iTunes or iCloud can work if your phones are iPhones. Bluetooth might be a good way but is limited for only same OS devices, e.g., Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone.

If you want to transfer from Android to iPhone or the other way round, the employment of a transfer app should be your best choice. iPhoneData’s Phone to Phone Transfer is a user-friendly app that will enable you to transfer anything from phone to phone regardless of platform. Within 3 steps, you can complete the cross-platform data transfer.



How to Transfer Data from Phone to Phone in 3 Steps?


Step 1: Select “Phone to Phone Transfer”

After you download and install the app on your computer, start the program. And when you enter the user interface as below screenshot shows, just select “Phone to Phone Transfer” to move on.

phone to phone data transfer - app user interface 

Step 2: Connect Phones with PC

Now you will need to connect both of the phones to the computer via USB data cables. Once connected, Phone to Phone Transfer will detect your mobile phones and you will then see the phone models on both sides, either as source phone or destination phone. If the position is reversed, you can just make it right by clicking “Flip” in the middle.

phone to phone data transfer - connect devices 

Step 3: Select & Transfer Data

Next you will need to select data type you need to transfer. And after you select the content, you just need to click the “Start Copy” icon to trigger the iPhone to Android transfer process or vice versa.